Posted by: Kate | October 24, 2008

A Different Sort of Pride

Now, I’m not naming any names here… but one of my best friends harmed herself today – eight stitches – because, as she was walking in to a scheduled appointment for an annual physical, she stepped up from the parking lot onto the curb, and suddenly heard a loud metallic CLANG and was bleeding from the side of her head.

She had walked directly into a metal parking sign.

It was the handicapped parking sign.

We’re all so proud.


  1. Bwahahahahahaha….

    I laugh because it’s totally something I would do.

  2. Too funny. Handicapped sign. Too funny.

  3. Did the doctor decide to send her for any, er, further testing?

  4. OMG 😀 that is bad!

  5. Aww you’re all so mean! She was probably looking at some hunk of spunk on the other side of the road! Are you allowed to say ‘handicapped’? Out here it’s ‘Disabled’ or “Parents with Prams” that one pisses me off I can tell you!

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