Posted by: Kate | October 23, 2008

Sometimes You Take the Nap…

…and sometimes the nap takes you.

I had plans for the afternoon.  I wanted to get work done on a baby-to-be project, and watch Bill Kurtis tell me about mean people doing bad things, and perhaps continue administering worldwide Scrabble discipline to friends and strangers alike.  And get some housework done, and, you know, just have a typical reasonably productive afternoon off.

Instead, Jacob went down for his nap/quiet-time around 12:30.  I don’t care whether they sleep; Emily never does anymore, Jacob does about 75% of the time.  I just need a break from them and they need a break from me before the evening’s homework/chores/dinner/bath/bed routine.  Today, Jacob slept for less than half an hour, and then staggered, groggy and Frankensteinlike, into the living room.  He’s had a nagging, dry cough for two days now, and even though I’d administered a half-dose of Delsym and a spoonful of honey beforehand he just couldn’t get settled.

So he lurched into the living room, and I pulled him onto my chest to snuggle for a while so that he could wake up more gradually.

And, to be sure, it worked.  As long as your definition of “more gradually” encompasses a two-hour nap in the middle.

I simply cannot remain awake when holding a sleeping child.

It will, instead, be a reasonably productive evening, preceded by a nap of Biblical proportions.  That ain’t so bad, really.



  1. Fantastic post. My problem has always been falling asleep for too long during a nap. Then I am cranky and unpleasant all day long!

    My son was a GREAT napper as a baby/toddler. He would go down for 2-3 hours and still sleep through the night!

    I look forward to reading your blog some more!

  2. Neither of my kids are good nappers and wouldn’t really nap with me, either. However, I came home from a trip to the store about a week or so ago. I found the Evil Twin and Sissy all snuggled together in the hammock, fast asleep! I was so jealous! LOL.

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