Posted by: Kate | October 21, 2008

Blogger Collapses Under the Weight of Peer Pressure

OK, fine.  I did it.

I joined Facebook.


It’s been about an hour, and so far I’m not actively bleeding or crying, so it can’t be too bad.  I have… (checks again) 14 friends, all of whom I actually know, in real life or online, so it’s already less creepy than the MySpace thing where, half an hour after joining, I had a note from some guy offering to give me a longer penis.

I’ve started two Scrabble games, one in which I am being so painfully completely trounced after one turn each that I might very well start crying and bleeding soon, but when your opponent plays “ZESTING” as her opening word, you’d best be grateful for a 30-point rejoinder and hope that she ends up with noting but E’s for the rest of the game.

I am using my actual, married last name, and at some point will add in my maiden name.  This had been the main sticking point for me, but then just the other day, I caught a link back to my blog from an unfamiliar website: Willem had made a comment on one of his buddies’ blogs, using his last name, linking back to my blog.  It’s a small thing, and I’m not upset about it; it’s just that I know that what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet.  That name and blog have an active link now, so I can stop obsessing about privacy and security and start baking chewy gooeys for the legion of stalkers that are bound to appear on my doorstep any moment.

I let Facebook raid my address book, so it gathered a bunch of names that way.  Just drop me a line (or comment) if you don’t know my last name and want in on the worldwide Scrabble intensity which has commenced today.  Or, you know, to trade one-liners and whatever else it is that Facebook has to offer.

Now I need to go figure out of “BUTTITIS” is an acceptable word…



  1. I’m on there! I’ll find you or you find me! I’ll race ya….

  2. I’m on there. I’d love to play scrabble

  3. Remember, just because Scrabble software doesn’t think iiieuub is a word doesn’t mean it isn’t.

  4. Oh pish you won’t get stalkers and you can delete them if you do! Email me your address and I’ll add you but I haven’t time to play scrabble so I’ll just chuck a sheep at you or something!

  5. Thanks for being my friend on Facebook! 🙂

  6. I LOVE Scrabble and am always looking for new people to play!


  7. I’m on there. E-mail me with your last name and I’ll link you up!

  8. By the way, you can google scrabble cheat-o-matic and come up with amazing words! I Don’t cheat in real life, but scrabble is made to cheat with. I tell the people I have played with that I cheat so that makes it ok, right? lol

  9. Mmmmmmm cheeeewwwwyyyy gooooeeeeyyyyzzzz…

  10. I got your friend request and am on my way to Facebook to accept it. However, I haven’t quite figured out the point of facebook yet.

  11. Peer Pressure? Just don’t inhale. 😉

  12. Welcome to the dark side!

  13. I came to say Welcome to the dark side, but Magi beat me to it.

    So I’ll say, ha ha, you caved. Sissy. Not really, facebook is pretty neat. How else would I have known that my ex-boss, who doesn’t work at my old company anymore, got married this weekend?

  14. Months ago I opened a Facebook account using a false last name (actually my mil’s lastname, lol) because I was looking for someone.
    I had forgotten all about it until I got your notice yesterday. So then I went in and deleted it! I’m last name shy, too.

  15. I gotta play some scrabble. I love that game. Glad to see you on facebook. By the way, “Word Freak” is a great book about professional scrabble players. Great people. Nutty, great, fascinating people.

  16. Do you HAVE to have so many flipping freaking FRIENDS? You just joined and you have like 55 friends! I only have four! GAWD!

    As an aside, you are a recipient of the Uber Amazing Blog Award:


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