Posted by: Kate | October 15, 2008

And Suddenly he was Overcome with Lust

[Background:  We have been known to make random, goofy bets, about things like the odometer reading after a long trip or the title of a chicken choice at KFC.  I.  Always.  Win.  Thus, tonight, the wager was a backrub.  I did not want to watch the debate.  At all.]

SHE:  If you make a nest for me on the floor, you can watch hockey while you give me a massage.

HE:  Suddenly I’m horny and I don’t know why.  Something about being not only asked, but encouraged, to watch hockey while touching my wife in intimate ways.



  1. *blush* 😉

  2. can’t blame him can you?

  3. Throw a sandwich into the mix and it will be the perfect day!

  4. You are one awesome wife!!

  5. His comment was that the only thing lacking was a beer.

  6. Isn’t it funny how men take “back rub” as something totally sexual? I’m like “Honey…it’s not code for anything…I’ve been lugging a 2 year old all over God’s green Earth all day- my whole body feels like it’s stuck in a pair of vice-grip pliers. Rub. My. Back. (and feet)” 😉

  7. Neat trick. So you allow hockey and you get a massage? COOL.

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