Posted by: Kate | October 11, 2008

The Cute Just Keeps on Comin’

Jacob went to a farm for a field trip the other day, they went apple-picking and so on. Saw some chickens and sheep. He knows that sheep give wool, so he told me that blue yarn comes from blue sheep.

He wasn’t able to guess where the blue sheep live, though.  “They stayed far away, and that’s good because they’re loud and I think they might eat little boys.”

Later, he was coughing in his sleep. A miserable, hacking, barking cough, not quite croup but in the neighborhood. I went in with Delsym first, and half an hour later I brought him a spoonful of honey. Both times, I’d sit on the floor next to his bed, rub his back, and whisper, “Hey, little boy, I need you to sit up for a minute.” And both times, he sat up immediately, arms outstretched, to fold around my neck in a big hug, followed by a sleepy little-boy kiss.

I just love that he greets the world with affection, even in his sleep… his sister and I both reflexively hide deeper under the covers, and his father makes a sniff/grunt noise to scare off intruders.



  1. God you are killing me with the cute. KILLING. ME.

  2. Aww. Isn’t it wonderful to see this sweet side of him? With my own young son I find myself desperately soaking in these little moments, knowing that someday he’ll be a teenager.

  3. awww

  4. cutecutecute. Yep, I too have one of each… one greets with snuggles and joy, one with burrowing and tears.

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