Posted by: Kate | October 5, 2008

Happy Endings

This could have been a Very Bad Day.

My youngest sister, Mary, spent the afternoon in the emergency room, due to ongoing nausea and coughing and general misery. She’s had pneumonia for a month now, just can’t seem to shake it, and pneumonia coupled with muscular dystrophy is a dangerous, bad combination. She went to the ER today because of concerns that she might be dehydrated or have imbalanced electrolytes, but all of her bloodwork came back fine, and so she is back home again safely. Still ill, but not needing hospitalization.

“Relief” doesn’t begin to cover it.

My daughter’s hair has been unkempt and snarly for the past little while or so, and I was tired of seeing this little ragamuffin go out in public. So, two weeks ago, I gave her a two-week warning: if she couldn’t start brushing better and remembering on her own, then I was going to take her for a haircut of at least six inches. This was initially met by endless angst and moaning, but when the day rolled around and I told her we were on our way to the mall for a haircut, she just shrugged and went along with it. And was generous enough to admit, on our way home, “You know, Mom, I actually kind of like it better this way.”

I did not tell her, “I told you so.”

I could not convince her to stop with
the goofy faces tonight.

One of Willem’s classmates hosted a football-watching party for the afternoon. I don’t watch football, and we are the only ones amongst our local acquaintance with children, so these type of events usually result in me running herd on the kids while Willem watches the game, and occasionally I’ll get a break to indulge in some awkward, pointless conversation with people whose lives are so different from mine as to make chitchat a challenge. Not my favorite thing, though I love entertaining at my own house. But, today, I had already planned to go on my monthly lunch date with Carolyn and Jenny (no one sang the National Anthem this time, alas). So I went on that and joined the football-watching party for the very end of it, by which time the kids were playing happily by themselves and I could spend time with a few people I already knew and enjoyed instead of being introduced to the football-watchers in the other room.

And Jenny brought her 11-week-old son to lunch, so I got to snuggle and ache a little, too.

I just love happy endings.



  1. So happy that Mary is feeling better — I know that had to be terrifying.

    Emily’s hair is precious, just precious.

    Good stories all around!

  2. Awww . . a good day all round then! Sometimes when you least expect it, eveything shines!

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