Posted by: Kate | October 4, 2008

Role Reversal

KATE: Emily, when you make coffee for Dad, how many cups do you use?


KATE: And six scoops?

EMILY: Yep. Go ahead, Mom, you can do it.



  1. Hmmmmm hahaha. Isn’t that a lot of coffeee? Not a drinker of the stuff except in necessary circumsances.

  2. I use one heaping Tbsp, for two cups of water – I use six for my 12 cup coffee pot. However, I do remember the coffee at your house being very good!

  3. Sounds like my husband’s kind of coffee.

    I can’t wait until the girls are big enough to get the coffee going in the morning.

  4. Now that’s a stiff cup of coffee. Can probably stand up and walk around on its own.

  5. My God, I’d be bouncing off the walls!

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