Posted by: Kate | October 2, 2008

A Point for Consideration

If you happen to be a 20something young man who has been sent to the local hospital emergency room by your methadone clinic for a psychiatric evaluation and physical because they, at the methadone clinic, suspect that you have been abusing your prescribed benzodiazepines, and both the clinic and the emergency room doctor refuse to provide you with the day’s dose of methadone until you complete both of these exams…

…then you might want to suppress the urge to get on the phone with your former dealer while still in the emergency room, asking for a fix “just for tonight because these assholes won’t give me any methadone.”  And if you really just need to make that phone call before you leave the hospital, then you might want to consider closing the door to your room before dialing.  Particularly when your room is directly across the hall from triage.  Especially when triage is presently inhabited by a new patient who is under protective custody, thereby having a police officer on-hand at all times.

Or, maybe not, never mind.  Far be it from me to bring any logic into your panicked little world.  Maybe you enjoy being handcuffed and facing criminal charges as opposed to a single, miserably uncomfortable but certainly survivable, night in your own bed.  To each his own…


  1. And they will continue to spiral out of control falling further and further down the crapper. At least that is what I am witnessing from across the street. We have a crew of ‘tweakers’/burglars living across the street and with cops paying them a visit 1-5 times a day since Saturday you would think they would give up their self destructive ways, but no.

  2. So the cop bags a dealer in probably the easiest arrest he’ll make all week. Sweet.

    Great story. I live for these, you know.

  3. He probably wasn’t thinking very clearly with everything going on and all.

    Great story.

  4. What a maroon! as Bug Bunny would say. Or as I would say : MORON!

  5. Welcome to Methadonia-Hell

    If you choose to take Methadone, think about what the consequences are:
    Weight gain (graving for sweets)
    Loss of sex drive
    Loss of motivation
    Memory loss

    You live in Methadonia and you need to get out!!!
    My 2nd week clean, and I am starting to come out of my shell, or should I say, the hole I created and self destruction.
    If you need to take it for heroin withdrawel, than get off it after a view weeks!
    If you need to take it for pain control, there are other meds.

    I thank God every day for giving me the strenght.
    I had to start learn how to walk again, because I could only lay down, and I had to learn simple day by day tasks.
    It is the most difficult time in my life!
    On the bright side:

    God, Family, Hotlines,friends

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