Posted by: Kate | September 26, 2008

Criminal Bush

Last night, I sat down on the couch, pulled out my knitting – my knitting, a sweater for myself, which had been woefully neglected since my trip to Martha’s Vineyard for some side projects – and a bowl of cold cereal and a comfortable blanket, and prepared for 84 minutes of mindlessness.  I had DVR’ed new episodes of Bones and Criminal Minds, two shows whose glaring suspensions of disbelief I’m willing to, well, suspend, because they don’t take themselves too seriously and they don’t get too wrapped up in the characters’ love lives.

(This is why I dropped House a few years ago, and a handful of other potential shows: they either try and pretend to be true-to-life and leave me screaming, “That would NEVER happen,” at the television and my cat, or they forget that what I enjoy is an episode-long focus on one specific fictional crime or medical mystery and I don’t need half of the episode sidetracked with musings on who’s sleeping with whom.  I do still enjoy Grey’s Anatomy, but that’s because the whole point is the rampant sexual deviancy and the medical stuff is just background.)

Bones was fine, barely memorable for me to be able to recall the plot after I had erased the show, just how I like it.  So I flipped to Criminal Minds, pushed “Play,” and… there was President George W. Bush preparing to give a 12-minute speech.

Seriously, George?  Now? You couldn’t interrupt the nightly news, or make a scheduled speech, or, I dunno, just not talk at all?

No, he had to talk from 9:00-9:12 p.m., thereby pushing the show back.  Which, on the one hand, means I didn’t miss the start of the show, but on the other hand (that would be the one with the middle finger extended), I missed the last 12 minutes, where they did things like explosions and wrap-ups and, you know, kind of the whole point of the show altogether.

Happily, the Internet exists for reasons other than porn and blogs (no, really!  It does!), and I was able to find a reasonably well-written synopsis of the episode on IMDb (here, if you got screwed by the current administration in the same way that I did), so I know how it ends.

But still.  In case I didn’t have any prior complaints about the Bush administration… now I’m ready for a new regime in the White House.  One that doesn’t preempt mindless prime-time television.



  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. It was during our evening news 😉 Maybe you should move out here WAY OUT WEST….where it is harder for them to screw-up our TV viewing because no one back east wants to stay up that late.

  3. We don’t watch Criminal Minds, but we do watch CSI: NY. When we turned it over at 9:00 the other night, we were expecting CSI, but the end of Criminal Minds was still going. Not realizing this, Shane and I sat there confused for 10 minutes before it occurred to me that Mr. Blowhard had a televised speech earlier in the evening, and all the shows were delayed. I really hate when my tv viewing is interrupted by politics. I’m such a couch potato.

  4. It makes me incredibly nervous to hear that idiot speak. Seriously, WHO is letting him get behind the podium at this point?! Ugh.

    About a year ago he came to NYC to do…something that most NYers didn’t give a shit about. & apparently his presence blocked of Barbara Walters access to her building. Well, she’s made it a point to never speak her political opinion on The View- until that happened. She aired it out…and the straw that broke the camels back was him blocking off her street. His security wouldn’t even let Barbara Walters past…now that is paranoid. President Bush is scared of Baba Wawa? Come on, Georgie!

  5. “that would be the one with the middle finger extended”… oh, Kate, you make me laugh so. But gosh, didn’t he sound so KNOWLEDGEABLE and EDJUMACATED?? Weren’t you glad to have all that wisdom condensed into 12 minutes??

  6. At last . . Americans who think he’s a knob! Huzzah to you all! And a quote from the great man himself: “Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things.” Thank God he doesn’t understand the interwebs

  7. Last night on Anderson Cooper, Paul Begala called Bush a “high-functioning moron.” Tee hee! And I’m getting maybe a little too much pleasure out of that interview Palin did with Katie Couric.

    After those delights I did like you and gorged on episodes of House and Top Design.

  8. Your post title sounds like a bad porn flick.

  9. If you really want to get the last of those episodes, you could probably get them from a site called I found it via Crazy Aunt Purls site. Hope it’s of some help to you.

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