Posted by: Kate | September 15, 2008

Blessed Silence

I still have the same cold I was battling last week, and really should have spent Saturday resting, taking it easy, relaxing, recovering.  But some things are more important than trifling colds, as Jane Austen said, and so I spent the day in Boston.

I came home that evening and immediately collapsed face-down on the couch.  After a while, I dredged up the energy to drag myself off to bed, fueled by NyQuil.

When my phone rang, I considered pretending it didn’t exist, but my ringer is loud and the display said it was my father calling, so I picked it up and croaked in his general direction.  He was calling to suggest some sort of get-together for Sunday, but hearing my patheticness he instead offered to come gather the kids for breakfast and “going to play someplace” for a few hours.

I had them up and dressed and ready to go well in advance, and would have had them waiting at the end of the driveway except that it was raining and I didn’t want them to get his car all muddy.  Away they went for a morning out with Grandpa, and a  blissful, blessed silence descended upon the house.

He returned them at lunchtime, tired and happy.  They had breakfast at Friendly’s and then spent an hour or so wandering WalMart, checking out the Halloween displays and setting off the automatic lights in the freezer section and shopping for cheap toys.  The whole morning didn’t cost more than $40, including gas.

That, O mother-in-law, is what grandparenting is about.



  1. Ha! I didn’t even get to the end of the post — and particularly your last sentence — and was thinking the exact same thing.

    Your dad sounds amazing.

    And I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Such a good grandpa! I would have loved for one of my in-laws to have taken my kids this weekend because I’m sick, too. But no, they all hung out at our house.

    And I miss Friendly’s! That used to be the biggest after-school treat when we lived up north – stopping for ice cream at Friendly’s.

  3. Oh, that’s wonderful. I would pay for a surrogate grandparent who would do that.

  4. I had that very same cold, it sucks! Took me 2 weeks to get over the darn thing. I’m glad your dad picked up the kids and you got some rest after all. You know how kids get better, go to school too early, then get worse? Same happens to adults who don’t rest, laze around the house, and drink tea and eat chicken soup!
    Oh, and knit while watching stupid TV. Any doctor will tell you that’s part of the cure.

  5. I’m still snickering about your “patheticness”! I hope your nose drippings didn’t feed into the keys on your phone.

    I agree, what a fabu’ Granddaddy. And Daddy. A caring gesture thrown out there and everybody wins.

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