Posted by: Kate | September 7, 2008

What Eats Guinea Pigs?

File under: Learn Something New Every Day.

L and X are in the process of slowly transitioning to a new apartment.  On the one hand, it’s going well, because it’s much closer to L’s work and only a few blocks from the preschool she chose for X.  Not to mention, the hope all along was that they would stay here as long as they needed to, but with the goal of moving out and continuing with their own lives.  On the other hand, they have encountered some obstacles and challenges beyond what they anticipated, so it’s been a challenge.

While they work to settle in, they have left their guinea pig here at the house.  For the first several days, it remained in their room, but it got lonely and would whistle shrilly until someone came and proved that there hadn’t been some sort of apocalypse.  Yesterday, we decided to take it out, clean out the cage, and set it up in our living room for a while.

We haven’t had a small pet like this since the kids have been around – my last similar smallish pet was my iguana.  So this is hugely exciting to the kids, and my cat is fascinated.


The new setup is on a hope chest, at the start of the hallway between the living room and our bedrooms.  As I walked past, last night, I was overcome by the temptation to make a noise like something that eats guinea pigs, but I realized I had no idea what that would be.  So I asked Willem, who had spent some time earlier in the day reading up about care of said creatures, “What eats guinea pigs?”

He replied, immediately and seriously, “Peruvians.  They consume roughly 65 million guinea pigs a year.”

If only I could imitate accents.



  1. in like a stew? ooooo, better yet – guinea pig fricassee.

  2. LOL. I did not know that!

    Who says surfing the web is a waste of time? I am learning and growing!

  3. Clare had the opportunity to eat barbecued guinea pig in Peru . . she politely declined and bought a burger instead.

  4. That’s so funny!

  5. Now I’m laughing… and remembering there was a Peruvian chicken place that opened up here a few years ago. People raved about the flavor, the tenderness… and then it suddenly closed. Hmmmmm.

  6. I couldn’t remember which nationality it is that eats guinea pigs, but the first thing I thought when I read your post title was “humans!”

    In 5th grade, I asked my parents for a guinea pig. I begged and begged, and they said no. Finally, my dad was sick of my pestering, so he said that I could have one, but I had to write a report about them. Of course, he thought I would never do it, which was why he suggested it. Imagine his surprise when I showed up a week later with a 2 page report on guinea pigs. We went out the next day and bought Pokey. He was chocolate brown with a white spot on his forehead. He lived for 5 years and was the best pet I could have had as a child. I had so much fun with him. I taught him to run from the kitchen to my bedroom doorway and wait for me. Every night, I fed him lettuce for a snack, and he whistled as soon as he heard the fridge door open. I loved that sound and the way his ears would flap back with every squeal. I still miss him.

  7. I suggest whispering “cuuuuuuy…. cuuuuuy” in a threatening tone while creeping slowly up to the cage.

    I used to have guinea pigs and I miss them. They were sweet and brainless little balls of fluff. They used to squeak when they heard applause on the radio because it sounded like plastic bags (full of lettuce) being crinkled up.

  8. Holy crap, that Peruvian comment is funny. I’m not sure WHY I’m howling with laughter, but I am.

  9. I had one that looked just like that. I always thought “wheep wheep”ing at them was the way to go.

    Don’t torture the little one.

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