Posted by: Kate | September 6, 2008

One Degree of Separation

Sometimes I fool myself into thinking that we’re living a comparatively adult, predictable, middle-class-sophisticated life.

And then I remember that, about eight years ago, my aunt – my mother’s sister, no steps- or halves- or whatever – was somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 when she ran away to join the circus.

Yes, really.  And if you’re picturing a childhood talent for tightrope walking, Ringling Brothers, or even just one of those quaint amusement park families, you just stop right now.  She has no, as far as I know, performance talents, and the circus she joined is one of those skeevy places with a lot of tattoos and sad horses and not enough spandex.

We’re so proud.



  1. Yeah, that’s embarrassing.

    My brother became an accountant.

    We make him walk two paces behind us in public.

  2. Hey, better she goes off to the adventurous life she wants, rather than stay stuck in a humdrum domesticity with the obligatory routine.

    Or perhaps she had a longing to learn the pickpocket trade. And she could get a great book out of it!

  3. Ain’t family grand? One of my dad’s uncles was married to his own first cousin. So, yeah, there’s actual inbreeding in my family. Trying to pretend we’re normal is a very short exercise.

  4. We’re fairly normal… except that we tend to emigrate. My parents left Serbia for Germany, my aunt and uncle left Serbia for Australia, didn’t like it, then moved to Illinois. I left Germany for the US. It’s a fun international merry-go-round.

  5. Maybe she could talk to the animals.
    Tap dance? Grow a beard? Tell fortunes?
    Lots of growth opportunities.
    Someone to talk about at reunions.

  6. Kate honey, we need a few weirdos in our family trees to keep things in balance. If you look at your family and don’t see any – maybe it’s you, haha.

  7. Oh, and I forgot my grandfather, who was a torch in the Jewish Mafia.


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