Posted by: Kate | August 31, 2008

Time Flies Like an Arrow. (Fruit Flies Like a Banana.)

Every once in a while, I’ll hear about an anniversary, and have that mind-numbing moment of, “No way.  Has it really been that long?”

It happened when we passed the 20th anniversary of the Challenger explosion.  How could it have been twenty years?  I remember that day, in sharp and painful detail; how they were playing a radio in the cafeteria at lunchtime before anyone really knew what had happened but there was obviously something going on, and later they wheeled a television into my third-grade classroom so that we could watch the news reports.  How Dan Z. burst into tears, because he had dreamed of being an astronaut, and now he was sure they would never send anyone else into space again.

It happened when first one, and then the other, of my sisters called to announce that she had gotten her learner’s permit and was starting to drive.  They were just born, like, yesterday; how could they possibly be ready to operate a vehicle?  On real roads, where actual people were?

It happened last month, when I had the stunning realization that I met Willem over fifteen years ago.  Not quite half a lifetime ago, yet, but dangerously close.

And it happened the other day, when Destiny, a dear friend and Derek’s mom, reminded me that it has been a full year since Derek’s kidney transplant.  A year!  How did that happen?  Those of you who have been here a while may remember that we celebrated, here and there and everywhere, with a party.  A party where the main course was pizza, served with a side of chocolate milk: foods that Derek couldn’t have, when his little kidneys were broken and struggling, and the first thing he requested after receiving the all-clear from his various doctors.

Somehow a whole year slipped by.  There were ups and downs, scares and celebrations, tears and laughter… and they’re celebrating with another pizza party, because no one deserves it more.

Won’t you please join us, and raise a glass in Derek’s honor, tonight?  Leave a comment for Derek and Destiny, and Steve (the donor-and-dad) and Monet (little sister extraordinaire), and let them know how amazing and inspiring they all have been.



  1. 3rd grade when the Challenger blew up?! Yikes, am I old.

    Anyway, cheers to Derek and his support system – Donor Dad and family and friends!

  2. WOW! I remember celebrating that last year with you — but a year???

    Yay for Derek, Dad, family, friends, and everyone that had anything to do with his miraculous recovery!!!

  3. I was a Freshman and next year is my 20th reunion. That males me feel real old.

    I am always shocked at the passage of time when a blogger has an anniversary about something I swear I just read aonth ago.

  4. Ah don’t remind me. The years go faster as I get older. 52 this year and I feel 25! Good for Derek, now I know what to have for tea!

  5. I am glad that Derek and family/friends get to celebrate this important anniversary together. Here is to many, many returns!

  6. Congratulations to Derek and his family. I hope they have many, many more celebrations.

    My hs class just had its 20th reunion, which shocked the heck out of my mom. She was convinced she’d just had her 30th hs reunion. My dad was in the background laughing his a** off when he heard my mom say that.

  7. Just had a beer and my last sip was in honor of Derek. Happy anniversary and many more!

  8. Thanks Kate & Everyone else for “celebrating with us. We had a good time and I’ll be posting pics on our blog in the next day or two (during Microbiology breaks.) We are having a second party with my sister and her family tomorrow (they wre out of town) so I will include them as well. I appreciate all of your well wishes.

  9. I remember having pizza, I remember going there and making a few comments, but feeling I was intruding and when it seemed there was success, moved away to honor privacy. I remember having been in Derek’s father’s profession. I remember Monet had dealt with a serious problem too, breaking up, for a while, that sweet family.
    I remember now, having forgotten to check how life has fared.
    I’m thankful for your post and reminder.

    As for you. You’ve done well.

  10. Happy anniversary, Destiny, Steve, Derek, and Monet! We enjoyed our yummy weekend pizza and thought often of you all! I’m so glad to call you my friend.

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