Posted by: Kate | August 29, 2008

A Really Pig Deal

There is something reassuring about the fact that, for all the tourism and private clubs and beaches and knee-deep quaintness all over Martha’s Vineyard, there is still the occasional burst of redneck just to even things out.

A lot of it happened on the buses, perhaps because they did not require an IQ test before one could purchase tickets.  So there was the Lions Club guy, who considered it his personal mission to recruit anyone with the misfortune to both be within earshot and to have ears.  Or Todd, who schmoozed and told not-quite-amusing anecdotes to the various people that filed on and off the bus, as though he was the host of his own personal mobile cocktail party.  Or the Greek Islands lady, who has never been closer to Athens than ordering a Caesar salad, and yet somehow manages to be the world’s foremost (and loudest) expert on Mediterranean travel.


There was plenty of bumpkin to be had at the Agricultural Fair, as well.  There were souvenir thongs – of the decidedly not-feet variety – and a giant inflatable rat.


And there were pig races.  You just can’t overestimate the entertainment value of a pile of baby pigs racing around a track for the prize of an unbroken Oreo.




  1. Pig races! I love it.

  2. They have pig races at the Erie County Fair every year and they are decidedly awesome.

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