Posted by: Kate | August 28, 2008

I’m Not Saying Another Word

The other night, Willem attempted to reign in some rampant silliness in our house by announcing, “I am not saying another word about this.”

I decided that, finally, there is a political slogan I can get behind!  Can you imagine if one of the candidates announced this, and then stuck to it, at least until early November sometime?  It would be amazing.

I don’t care who it would be – old white guy, younger celebrity, weird street-corner guy with the sandwich boards – I would totally vote for someone who showed the self-discipline and confidence to stop talking so much.  All of the major candidates have already expressed their ideas, ad nauseum, in various formats; if I need to find out where someone stands (or, at least, says they do) on a given issue, I can go look it up.

They can be allowed to speak, briefly, if they decide to make a major change in a previously expressed view; everyone deserves the right to rethink things.  (Though, ahem, this does imply that one must think about things a first time.  I may be asking too much here.)

But otherwise, no speaking.  No commercials.  No door-to-door politics salesmen.  Just be quiet.  Not another word until November.  I get that once November rolls around, they wouldn’t be able to continue the silence; they would simply explode.  We can’t expect them to be superhuman, after all; just quietly reserved for two months.

The possibility boggles.



  1. I love the possibility, but I’m afraid it would be a total FAIL. No way. They’re politicians. It’s genetically impossible.

  2. I’m assuming, I sure hope so, that all commercials are included in your sweeping political reform.
    Think of it, no need to pander for so much money and airwaves given back to the networks for other commercials we’ll also ignore.

  3. didn’t edwards just say that?

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