Posted by: Kate | August 25, 2008

More Pillows than Ass Cheeks

How’s that for a visual image, Item #4 there?  Makes me sound like one incredible interior decorator, doesn’t it?  “Oh, you’re redoing your living room?  Well, definitely call Kate first – she’ll lead people to describe her decor in terms of unpleasant body parts!”  Awesome.

Ah, well.  My big surprise from Willem was to come home to a completely repainted living room and hallway; the only two areas in the house that had not been redone since we moved here, and one of the few remaining items on the summer’s to-do list.  I’m not shocked that he did it, because he’s a good guy.  And, more to the point, if I can redo the kitchen as a surprise then he can redo the living room.  It’s a pretty Parisian blue, now, which is a vast improvement from the previous washed-out vaguely bluish fingerprint-display that festooned our walls on Friday morning.  The hallway is a bright, shiny white, and with a little luck, those walls, coupled with the multiple rolls of duct tape judiciously applied to toddler fingers, will remain white until we sell the house and run screaming for the hills.  Or the shore.  Whichever.

I’ll take pictures, sometime, when it’s daylight and I can find the energy to drag myself out of my chair.

You’ll be relieved to know, however, that he has returned all 29 pillows to their previous locations; shiny new walls does not a pillowless room make.

Speaking of pillows in odd places, Gretchen and I had a lovely weekend on Martha’s Vineyard.  I’ll post photos and a review or two once I dredge up that elusive motivation.  The weekend was a case study in how an event can end up being almost nothing like you expected it to be, and yet still be just fine as it was; I envisioned a lot of beach time and aimlessness, and there was some of that, but there was a lot of walking and talking and doing over those four days, as well.

For the moment, I need to drape uselessly across my chair until it’s time for bed.  Now that I’m done with this month’s round of Clomid and into the Next Phase of Things, certain activities need to happen at certain times regardless of one’s tiredness.

It’s a good thing I’ll have enough pillows to rest my weary head upon, afterward.


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