Posted by: Kate | August 19, 2008


I don’t really know what to write about yesterday’s experiences, but I feel like I should.  Closure or something.

It’s hard for me to come up with a coherent narrative, because I spent the day being decisively incoherent.  I had been given a prescription for Halcion, meant to be taken an hour before arriving at the dentist’s office. I’ve taken Ativan before, and Ambien, both of which are in the same class of medications.  Benzodiazepines are all sedatives, with the same course of action.  The difference is in speed of onset and intensity of drool.  On one Ativan, I can drive, attend staff meetings, and generally appear to be a fully functioning adult.  On two, I’m sleepy and moving slow, but could drive if I had to.  One Ambien knocks me out within half an hour, though apparently there’s a period of time between ingestion and unconsciousness in which I seem normal but am not.

So, I thought that I had some idea of what to expect, with the Halcion.  Stronger than Ativan, but not leading to actual sleep like Ambien.

And if that nether region also includes complete memory loss, slurred words, complete unconsciousness and many, many hours of physical and mental clumsiness, then, yeah, I was spot-on.

I do remember most of the morning, the insomnia of the night before and then the drive to the office, and the details I’m leaving out so as not to completely horrify my husband but let’s just say he had to make his own efforts in our quest for fertility, efforts which did not involve me.  And the next thing I remember with passable clarity is Willem getting upset with me for trying to bring my own soup bowl to the sink and nearly throwing myself into the recycling bin in the process.

And I don’t even like soup.

My head hurt, from the jawline up, all day yesterday, and is still achy and miserable today, and I remained nauseous until sometime after noon today.  I ate dinner with Willem on Sunday night, after picking him up from the airport, and since then… well.  Suffice it to say, I have had a series of short-term relationships with food, but nothing as serious as a one-night stand.  I’m about to try a bowl of cereal, because I’m wild and crazy that way.

I can feel where some of the cavities were filled in, and my bite has changed somewhat, but otherwise I have no awareness of the dental work itself.  Which is good, I suppose, but I’m very much determined, after all this, to put on my big-girl panties at least once a year (I know, I should go every six months, but baby steps, mmmmkay?) and have more regular exams.  This was ridiculous.  Still is.

I took today off from work, and Willem drove to New York to bring my sister home.  And, being a better guy than I have any right to request, he took both kids with him.  L and X are still visiting family.  So I have a Perfectly Quiet House.

So far, I have celebrated this rarity with a nap and a teleconference, because I was supposed to testify in court today but don’t feel safe to drive.  As I said, I’ll be branching out to a bowl of cereal shortly, and if I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll try some of the chocolate-cherry ice cream Mary made last night.

It’s not technically over, because I need to have the second half of the dental work finished next Thursday.  But the end is in sight.


  1. skip the cereal and go straight to the ice cream! you deserve it after all that. thank goodness it’s half over.

  2. I was thinking about you all day yesterday, though I tried to block out where you were.

    I’m glad you made it through, though not unscathed. You were definitely wearing those big-girl panties today. They might not be the latest style, but they got the job done.

    Or something that makes sense. Maybe I,/i> took Halcion…

  3. I’m glad you came through relatively unscathed.

    And I second the opinion that you should skip the cereal and go straight to the ice cream.

  4. Go for the Novocaine next week, Kate, all you do is spill drinks on yourself for a couple of hours and pretend you’re Kramer for the kids.
    No, I know you can’t. Throwing up is good too.

    I went with someone to drive them home after a colonoscopy and they didn’t handle anesthesia’s after effects well at all, I asked them if they were going to do that in the car, which was okay, because they kept forgetting what they were told anyway, for a bit.

  5. Ugh, sorry for your crappy day. Maybe buy yourself something nice online? After the ice cream. Works for me!

    I love your blog, by the way.

  6. I’m glad you “survived” though you feel mangled. Great big hugs!!! BTW I agree with Mariah, skip the cereal and go for the ice cream!!!

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