Posted by: Kate | August 18, 2008

Insomnia Bites. Who Knew?

So, yeah, that wicked dental phobia? In full force, as of 4:43 in the morning.

I have “somewhere between 6 and 11 cavities,” according to x-rays and exams – which required a metric ton of Ativan and public sobbing just to get through those.

No pain, no symptoms at all, which is why it has developed to this point.  I’m told I have genetically weak enamel – my mother and daughter both do, so I suppose that’s no surprise.  The cavities are all in between teeth, not back in the molars or along outer edges.  Thus they’ll find out exactly how many and what needs doing once they get in there.

So in four hours I’m deliberately going to walk into the office and let them put me under general anesthesia to start doing their dental thing, despite no pain or symptoms. Kind of an odd feeling, that.

Not to mention, I have crappy dental insurance and thus will be shelling out several thousand dollars out of pocked. Nothing like paying for the privilege of a completely irrational phobia-exposure.

I’ll have to do the sedation-and-misery route at least once a year to avoid needing work on this magnitude again, as it had been upwards of five years since my last exam, and this just seems excessive.

Willem is home from his trip and ready to leap right into childcare and household duties and taxiing me around for the day, and my sister is still here to help him out, too. And our houseguests are visiting family in New York, so I can lie on the couch and drool with only family members for an audience.

Under different circumstances, I might resent my present insomnia, but it isn’t actually that bothersome.  I’m planning to spend the day in a combination of sedation and complete unconsciousness, so I’ll make up for lost sleep then.  And I learned, an hour into the shift, that the coworker in charge of the schedule never actually found me a replacement when I cancelled my overtime request – a month ago – so I’m on-call tonight.

I’ve only had one call, but it was from a nasty woman who calls several times a week to drag other people into her nastiness.  I can usually shrug her off with equanimity, and did so tonight, but the phone itself was turned up way too high, so the ring scared the bejeezus out of me.  And of course it rang about 10 minutes after I had finally fallen asleep.  An hour and a half later and my heart rate is just started to settle below the three-digit mark.

So it’s something else to focus on, and, since I am normally someone who could curl up and nap on a busy sidewalk if necessary, I’m confident that the insomnia is a passing thing.

Praise the Olympics, though.  Such good timing, as I only independently choose to watch sports once every two years (whilst still resenting the oddness of changing them from every four years), and were it not for the Games, I’d be watching old episodes of Sesame Street on Noggin.

This ramble brought to you by the letter I, the numbers 6-to-11, and an abundance of adrenaline.


  1. Good luck today.

    Yeah, I’m up too. Luckily the conaoe/kayak races are on.

    Glad to hear Willem’s home from his manventure in time to provide support and comfort.

    Rest easy .

  2. Ah . . I’m up inordinately early every day, sometimes 4:30am drinking tea and wondering why I can’t ‘sleep in’. Good luck with the Dentist. My fillings are just old and all I have to do is bite into a biscuit and plonk! More needs doing. Frankly, I’d love to be knocked out cold then emerge with an extreme makeover smile!

  3. Good luck today. I also have dental phobia, which is bad because my teeth are disintegrating. Three years ago I had in excess of $15,000 worth of work done. It was a combination of fixing problems caused by a quack dentist and taking care of new issues. No insurance at all to help with the cost, either.

    Take care.

  4. Thinkig of you today. I hope it goes well and at least you can do this with a little peace. GREAT BIG HUGS!!

  5. here’s to hoping to the cavities are less than 6 and the whole experience is like a nice quiet, restful dream! 🙂

  6. I was thinking the same thing about the olympics last night as I stayed up later than usual, waiting to get sleepy. There is never anything on late at night on a Sunday, so I was glad the olympics was on to help the time pass.

    Good luck at the dentist!

  7. Will be thinking of you. Be brave!

  8. Good Luck!

    (and enjoy the meds at least)

  9. I hope the dental visit wasn’t to excruciating. With the old man back around I’m sure that it’ll be a minor recovery period. Drool on lady, drool on : )

  10. Soo, how’d it go?

  11. Good Luck!

  12. You still asleep?
    They get them all, or what? Hope so.

  13. […] is a smidge overdramatic.  But I’m having oral surgery on Tuesday; not just fillings under anesthesia because I’m too screwed up to handle any significant period of time or invasive procedures in […]

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