Posted by: Kate | August 9, 2008

Search Engine Term

Like everybody else in the blogosphere, I check my stats and love when I get weird search terms. I raise my eyebrows at the perverts (“Welcome to Jamaica” remains the most common search term), sigh sympathetically at the fellow sufferers (“passive-aggressive mother-in-law” is the second most common), and gaze befuddledly at the screen for the really weird ones (“is chalk edible,” “flip flop horror stories,” “messy wet underpants”). But this one, today, wins for sheer “Hey, I didn’t know you could even type that”-ness.  (Note: it looks different in Firefox and Explorer.  But still confusing in both.)

Gnus N’

I don’t know what it means, much less how it landed someone at my site. I hope they found what they were looking for.



  1. It looks like a dyslexic attempt at Guns ‘N Roses, at least the start of it. How it got to you???

  2. I’m with Renee. And if it was a Gnus N’ Roses fan? I’m sure they were ALL OVER what Kate Said. (Hey, wait, I went to a Gn’R concert once. Though I’m not googling them today.)

    Yeah, I feel a little badly that all the souls looking to add Batman Bookends to their collection — and would you believe there are an abundance of them?? — end up at my rant on too many kids books…

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