Posted by: Kate | July 24, 2008

All Together Now…


Yesterday, Willem gave me a mix tape.

Remember those, from way back in the Dating Era, when they would make random guesses based on one song they heard you singing at the bar and you’d get a completely unpredictable compilation of music on a cassette tape?  I have a small collection of mix tapes hidden away somewhere, from various boyfriends – Willem included, but contrary to popular belief (read: the under-10 set), Mama had a life that didn’t include Dad, once upon a time – all including Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots, a song which I don’t even much like.  Whatever, it has grown to become its own little footnote in my life now.

Anyway, he gathered a list of songs I already knew and liked; this is less of a challenge after eight years of marriage and access to my iTunes library, but still takes a reasonable amount of awareness.  He then went out and found acoustic versions of each, which is a personal obsession of mine, and put them in order, et viola! Cuteness, albeit in a very manly and formidable sort of way.

It’s a different physical process now, tossing the CD into my computer and adding it into an iTunes playlist instead of popping a cassette into the stereo, but the end result is pretty comparable.

Because it made me happy, I thought I’d post the playlist here.  And leave you wondering about what songs your husband/wife/dog/mailman would put on your mix tape… go ask and let me know.

Control – Puddle of Mudd
Wasting My Time – Default
Burning Bright – Shinedown
Here Without You – 3 Doors Down
Broken – Seether
Keep Away – Godsmack
My Hero – Foo Fighters
Home – Chris Daughtry
The Diary Of Jane – Breaking Benjamin
Bring Me to Life – Evanescence
Pardon Me – Incubus
It’s Been Awhile – Staind
How You Remind Me – Nickelback
Mary Jane – Alanis Morissette
Fallen – Sarah McLachlan
Plush – Stone Temple Pilots
Got Me Wrong – Alice In Chains
Jeremy – Pearl Jam



  1. OMG I have to check those out!

    About a 1/3 of those I already have and love!

  2. I love seeing new lists of music. I’m such a musically unaware dork that I have to vampire off of other people’s lists.

  3. Good job Willem.

  4. How sweet! I’m not sure if Shane would be able to pick enough songs that I like to fill a tape. I have a ginormous music collection, all of which lives in iTunes (to which he has access), but except for brief trips in the car, I don’t listen to music around him much. I’m usually in the car alone or at work when I listen to music. I’ll ask him tonight and see what he comes up with.

    You and I seem to have very similar music taste.

  5. Love all of those songs, but I don’t although have them in acoustic. Gonna need to get them. Love acoustic.

  6. He found acoustic versions of all those songs? I am very impressed. That man must love you!!!!!

  7. What a anice thing to do. My mix tape would include lots of old (pre-disco) Bee Gees, Ride, Blue Aeroplanes, Chocolate Watchband, and I would hope almost every note recorded by Nick Cave.

  8. Props to Willem!! Impressive. I can’t imagine what my husband would come up with. He’d have to rely heavily on the old technology too… they’ll pry his CDs from his cold frozen hands, I’m afraid! And I’m with stefaneer – any musical inspiration I own past the early 90s I’ve begged, pled or borrowed from others. So sad!

  9. Bring Me to Life – Evanescence
    Fallen – Sarah McLachlan
    Plush – Stone Temple Pilots
    Got Me Wrong – Alice In Chains
    Jeremy – Pearl Jam

    Great selection by the way! Oooh how cute (I’d be pressed to find a tape deck in my house!) Nice to see Sarah McLachlan get a mention . . . nice little Aussie girl!

  10. mixed tapes! i loved those. we would go to tower records and buy the multi packs of blank cassettes and then put them in the little stereo and record songs off the radio. invariably leaving off the first few seconds and getting the dj voice at the end. but it was the BEST! 🙂 good times.

  11. I love all the song you listed. Nice.

  12. See, now here’s proof we don’t have to worry about our husbands having an affair. If I asked Frank to do this for me, he’d give me a stupid look and be like, “What the hell for?”

    Of course if he did actually do it, I’d probably be all like, “Why the hell did you do this?”

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