Posted by: Kate | July 21, 2008

My House is Full of Monkeys

Quite literally.  See?


I received a lovely gift in the mail, as part of a random yarn-related swap on a message board, and it included some goodies for my kids, such as cute little monkey stickers.  Which have rapidly disseminated themselves throughout the house, largely due to Emily’s propensity for sticking them onto her face and then forgetting they’re there.

It’s my own fault, of course.  Very early on, as soon as Emily first started viewing stickers as something other than appetizers, I announced a guideline: “Stickers go on people or on paper.”  She took me quite literally.

Meanwhile, we’re all settling in with our new residents.  L is erring in the direction of being too careful to stay “out of our way,” too cautious and almost ingratiating.  It’ll take some time, I think, for her to believe that we made the offer to live here with open arms/minds/hearts/whatever-body-parts, and that includes helping herself to coffee in the morning and not going to bed along with her toddler at night.

Who, speaking of monkeys, is a sweet kid.  X is cute as a button, but much, much louder.  She’s extremely verbal, so it’s easy to forget that she’s almost a year younger than Jacob, but then she has a long, slow meltdown every night in the 15 minutes leading up to bedtime, and I go, “Ohhh, right.”

Did I mention the noise?  It’s happy exuberance – but exuberance nonetheless.

Monkeys, indeed.



  1. Lane has that same sticker rule. I wonder if I stole it from you.

  2. Noise noise noise. Mine are incredibly noisy, and adding just one more would raise it by some incredibly exponential power.

    We have the same sticker rule. So why are there 27 tiny skis stuck onto the floor?

  3. Having a houseguest or whatever you want to call it is super nice. Just remind her that she does not have to go to bed with the baby. She might just think you are being nice, but tell her you’re serious. Or tell her to come on back to the family room after the little one is asleep. She might just need some cajoling.

    Thanks for the reply on my blog, I just feel so disconnected from her lately and this just adds to it. I think we might need a mommy and me day out.

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