Posted by: Kate | July 13, 2008


My brain is full of details and what-ifs, so I wanted to toss out a few of them now even though they’ll likely develop into their own posts at some point…

  • Great fun, the captioning contest. I’ll let Willem figure out a winner, and will let him determine a prize, too.
  • Turns out, Thursday’s dental appointment was merely a consultation, and thus I was technically conscious and communicative throughout. If blubbery and overanxious qualifies as conscious, that is. The dentist seems like a well-intentioned soul, though a bit on the Romper Room side of the spectrum. My teeth are apparently a complete mess and I’ll need two separate appointments next month to address all the problems; then, I will be unconscious.
  • My job becomes a lot more bearable when I get a dose of perspective on just how simple and contented -and safe – my life really is.
  • Jacob is a sweet, sweet little boy. All day long.
  • We got a postcard from Emily’s camp counselors today. It reads, “Emily seems to be having a blast! She did boating this morning and loved it! The excitement in her eyes never dims. I can tell she loves it here and I’m very excited to see how much she will grow.” I’m not entirely sure what that means – grow? do they hang them up-side-down and stretch them at night? – but it certainly sounds positive.


  1. It’s a well intentioned remark but it can come across as thank God we got this kid when we did! What have you been doing with her?
    Did you get anything from her yet? Maybe she is having lots of fun. Hope so.
    You gonna be fine, Kate.

  2. Hey you sound a bit more chipper girl! Good to see. Savour the time with Jacob, hell will break loose soon enough, especially with houseguests to attend to as well! As for the dentist, it’s always better than you imagine . . .srsly!

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