Posted by: Kate | July 11, 2008

Use your Words


A man.

A zucchini.

A tape measure.

Go ahead, you caption it. Like a contest, though I have no idea what I’ll send the winner. Something appropriately random…



  1. Wow, I really am hung!

    Wow, I am such a stud!

    Wow, is my wife lucky to have me!

  2. I have so much more in common with vegetables than I thought….

  3. Let’s see here, length times Pi times diameter squared, divided by four gets me the volume. If it’s approximately 92 percent water then the mass in grams is .92 times volume in cubic centimeters and we all know that a 323 gram zucchini has 52 calories, (

    If I burn this in the fireplace, it will heat the house 0.13725 deg K.

    I’m gonna need more Zucchini!

  4. “Pffft, this thing is PUNY!”

    “You call *that* lunch? ~_^”

    “Gotta love a man so secure he can compare notes.”

  5. Srsly?!? I would have sworn that was 12″.


    What? I need a new tape! This one is clearly defective.

  6. No wonder she’s been walking around with a smile on her face!

  7. Bob grinned, he _was_ bigger, but somewhere the Jolly Green Giant wept for the loss of his manhood.

  8. Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

  9. Hiya big fella! I certainly hope you’re measuring me to see if I’ll fit in the pan!

  10. Yes, measuring you is anal. But that was really a poor choice of words, Zucchini.

  11. Like, “You wish, dude”

    Even geeks like vegetables

    (let’s stop this now, before someone gets in trouble)

  12. Is it true: “You are what you eat”?!

  13. Sorry – my typo – it’s supposed to be “SO it’s true – you are what you eat!”

  14. as he took the last measurement of his zucchini to be entered into the large vegetable category he wondered if this year it would be enough.

  15. The bigger the better

  16. I don’t know what she is complaining about, 3 inches is plenty!

  17. This is who I’d vote for (I know you weren’t asking): #9 – ‘Hiya big fella! I certainly hope you’re measuring me to see if I’ll fit in the pan!’

  18. “Remember…if anyone comes in here I’m …just working on my entry for the State Fair!!”

  19. OMG – Nell wins by a mile! Although not a math nerd, I certainly appreciate how it applies to Willem! Bwahahahahaaa!

  20. […] fun, the captioning contest. I’ll let Willem figure out a winner, and will let him determine a prize, […]

  21. This here zucqueenie is gonna taste bettar den some french fried purtaters in that there ratattoulie. Mmmm Hhmmm, Mmmmm Hmm

    Don’t Let HIM MOW the LAWN

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