Posted by: Kate | July 8, 2008

“I Know Things All Day Long.”

With Emily away at camp, we’re getting some extra time with just-Jacob. Not Jacob-as-little-brother, or Jacob-as-second-child, but Jacob as whoever he is, on his own, distilled. It’s the kind of thing you forget about, as you acclimate to the chaos and unpredictability of a multiple-child household. The first child gets lots of solo time with parents, but the second? Not so much.

I knew, already, that he’s a bright kid with a sweet, sunny disposition. He’s a gentle soul, simply easier to be around than Emily. Her intensity is impressive, but impressive sits right there next to exhausting on the Map of Parenthood. Jacob’s much more mellow, just happy to be invited along to the party. He’s an almost-four-year-old who can run around Central Park like a terrier on speed, or can, with equal cheer, sit appropriately in a stadium seat for a four-hour baseball game. (OK, fair enough, he sat there for three and a half hours and then fell asleep on my lap… but again, that’s a marked difference between him and his sister, who has not fallen asleep in public or on me since before she was two.)

It’s been fun to listen to him tell his stories and engage in conversations without his sister’s bossing or interrupting, and I’ve been thrilled at the extent of his memory and ability to draw conclusions and just be a real little person.

After one particular moment on Sunday, when he volunteered a memory from more than a year ago, I said, “You know what, Jacob? You’re a smart kid.”

He replied, “Yeah. I know things all day long.”

He sure does.



  1. I love that, Kate. The sure wisdom of a happy young man. That’s a sweet description.
    My older brothers and sisters swear I got all the attention, which, of course, cannot be true but try to tell them.

  2. “I know things all day long.” I’m stealing that. It’s that good.

  3. I love this age! It’s great to have conversations with preschoolers and be able to get some insight into their thinking processes. LouLa called a centipede a penis today. We have been having some random discussions about the differences between boys and girls and her current favorite book is about bugs, so it makes sense in a weird sort of way.

  4. Oh my goodness. However did you stop yourself from eating him up right then and there?


  5. Haha bless him! There you go mum! He’s a thoughtful lad . . .must admit even though mine are grown, Adam’s always played second fiddle to his sister. It’s nice to have him on his own for a while and it’s done wonders for our relationship. Treasure the moments . . they fly!

  6. So cute. Neither of my kids liked naps and neither slept in public or on me ever (except the time we took a 2 hour steam locomotive ride up a mountain when Buddy was about 2-ish… I think the fresh air did him in).

  7. Awwwwww. Doesn’t that just make you wanna squish him? Think he’s available to help me with my state board oral exam tomorrow in Austin?

  8. I love this Jacob quote and I love this age!

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