Posted by: Kate | July 1, 2008

Guide my Sword… er, Mouse.

Here’s my pattern:  I log on, and have never bothered to change my home page from Hotmail to Gmail.  So I quick scan through the conglomeration of crap in my old hotmail address – because you never know, I have had a few from-way-back-when people contact me that way.  Then I switch over to gmail, where I do the email thing.  From there, I visit two message boards, one officially a knitting site but with a lot of other chatting and randomness, the other a small group of six or eight women who went through difficult pregnancies at the same time and have bonded – and have not once, in four-plus years, had a catfight.  Even when we disagree with each other.  I check a news site – sometimes yahoo, sometimes CNN, sometimes local stuff – just to have some idea of whether the US still has all 50 states and the sky hasn’t fallen quite yet.

Then it’s a quick swing by my Ravelry account, mostly just to see who’s doing what with my designs – it would not be beyond the realm of possibility for me to eventually try and publish an actual knitting patterns book, which boggles the mind – and a daily trivia game where I will narrowly but consistently lose out to the that-much-smarter trinamick.  And then it’s to Bloglines, where I wander through my list, comment when I have something to say, and generally bask in the unpredictability of these weird Internet things. 

That’s it.  That’s what I do online.  I’m a creature of habit, and find comfort in routines and familiarity.  I don’t go wander the great big Interwebs and see what I can fish out, because, for me, complacency is more satisfying than discovery, at least as far as a conglomeration of pixels is concerned. 

How about you?  What do you do, when plugging yourself into your ISP of choice?  It’s time to update and enhance my blogroll (and, therefore, Bloglines); some of the ones listed up there are defunct, others fantastic, and I’d love for some suggestions of spots to add in.  Where do you click?  Who are your favorites?  What non-blog sites do you frequent?  Shake me out of my rut here, guide my sword mouse (and, quick! name the movie!), add a few more minutes to my online routine.  And if you’re here regularly and don’t see your name listed, don’t suffer in silence – let me know and I’ll fix it. 




  1. 1. Check regular email, which gets a copy of gmail sent to it.
    2. Check banking and see if my ID has been stolen yet, Lord knows why they’d want it.
    3. Check podcasts on iTunes.
    4. Blog stuff.
    5. News. Maybe.
    Movie: Count of Monte Cristo. Ha! Seriously, I have no idea.

  2. I’m an early morning onliner. Get up at 5:30, check my own blog for comments, cruise the others through reader. Check Facebook for ClareBear’s pics. I have an old Hotmail account too but that opens automatically when I sign in at work. Gmail is open all the time as is Skype (I’m in front of a computer all day at work to so sometimes sneak in a chat) I tend to write something in word during the day and post in the evening unless I’m really rushed. I’m also a creature of habit but weekends I do a bit of surfing – I’d like to find more Australian blogs to put up on the blogroll but I seem to gravitate towards the Irish for some reason. . .even when they live in Argentina and New Zealand!

  3. 1. Check email, delete all male enhancement emails and anything from a pronstar-esque email addresses.
    2. Rifle through bloglists in my bookmarks starting with, ending with the fraternity forum webpage to revisit the jackassery that is Fraternity guy for updates and possible mention of golf outings to Maine.
    3. Glean all the best and upto date news from across our fine country and worldwide by hitting up it’s better than the Onion.
    4. As of late, search for a new vehicle to replace the Funtruck.
    5. Riinse and repeat throughout the evening in my spare time at the office.

  4. 1. Check B&B email and respond to inquiries immediately.
    2. Check in with the girls.
    3. Check in with Kate.
    4. See if it is my turn in Scrabble on Facebook. (Yes, I’m addicted – to Scrabble, not Facebook.)
    5. Do my online banking.

    I rarely surf the web (no time), unless I have something specific to research (like our Disney Trip). I check a couple other blogs (mostly on your blogroll!) and Kids with Food Allergies every few days, more if we’ve recently had a reaction.

    I had so much fun with our trip blog, I’ve been considering doing a B&B adventure blog, but you know what I’m like about revealing details of my life to strangers; I’d hate to lure the axe murderers here! ;-D

  5. I have a similar routine–gmail, yahoo, knittyboard “general happy stuff,” Ravelry forums, Ravelry friends’ blogs feed, Livejournal friends feed, and I have a number of blogs and news feeds on my iGoogle page.

    I would love to be added to your blogroll!

  6. check email
    check the girls
    facebook games (and see what family and friends are doing)
    online class most recently Anatomy & Physiology 2
    Log kids into a game on one of children sites

  7. I’m pretty habitual too…

    1. Check gmail.
    2. Pay bills online.
    3. Login to Bloglines and read new postings in alpha order (or reverse alpha order, but never out of order).
    4. Cruise through the Knittyboard (time-permitting).
    5. Cruise through Ravelry (time-permitting).

    If I have some time to waste, I will usually window shop in Etsy or Ebay, or play Majong on the laptop. I can waste many hours with Majong.

    You can add me to your bloglines if you like.

  8. I have a laptop beside me almost all the time. I check my regular email, gmail, twitter, MySpace, Facebook, yahoogroup on photography I belong to, then I hit my blog folder on my favorites and scroll down that in no particular order. When I have spare time, I check on Disney info for our upcoming trip.

  9. email
    work mail
    local news
    amazon – see what the hot best sellers are
    various blogs – friends, family, humor (like apostrophe abuse and the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks)

    And sometimes, I like to hit my stumble button a few times and see where I end up…..but mostly creature of habit like you. 🙂

    No MySpace, no Facebook for me….I don’t need to waste even MORE time….

  10. I start early, proof blog posts, check email from overnight, respond. Then I shut off to get some work done. The internet is too distracting, a perpetual water cooler bull session. But I’ll check in twice more before calling it a day. After that, cocktail hour and relaxation.

  11. just ask google…they can tell u everything you’ve done…w/ ghealth & new gphone coming…they’ll watch u from birth to death & every email/phone call/web search in between…they’ve kicked big brothers ass


    One of the most useful sites I visit daily.

  13. The Princess Bride

  14. Argh, Mary beat me to guessing “The Princess Bride.”

    As for websites, I don’t have many regulars. I think I have ADD when it comes to the Internet; one click leads to another which leads to another, and pretty soon I’ve found myself checking out directions to an ashram in India rather than the PBS affiliate TV schedule I went looking for. I have, however, become a bit of a CNN politics junkie during the recent primary season, and I still check there several times a week. Oh, one funny albeit strange site I usually forget about is … you might have to be a cat person to appreciate it though. 😉

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