Posted by: Kate | June 20, 2008


My home is soon to be invaded by three 8-year-olds on the evening after their last day of school, for a year-end sleepover.  There will be giggling.  There will be water balloons.  There will be ghost stories.  There will be Hannah Montana Labyrinth.  There will be pizza and chips and an ice cream sundae bar.  There will be more giggling.  There will be glow sticks.  There will be Froot Loops.  Did I mention the giggling?

Wish me luck.


  1. Too bad we weren’t closer, then it could be us eating all that yummy stuff and giggling all night! (Yum – froot loops!!)

  2. Glow sticks! Oh how I wish it was cool for adults to play with those things. Or, those plastic tube-y glow necklaces that used to be sold at outdoor festivals and amusement parks.

    Have fun!

  3. Good luck with that!!

    And Beverly grown ups can play with glow sticks, just ask anyone in the military. LOL

  4. Oh, no, see, snakes in walls is so much less frightening than this. I loathe, loathe, loathe sleep overs. Ughhhhh.

    You are a brave and noble woman.

  5. What fun! All they need is a big ol’ makeup sampler kit like the Avon & Mary Kay reps carry around. And a pony.

  6. oh, dear…good luck. and we’ll get our share of giggling this summer, and ice cream. and maybe even glow sticks!

  7. Mathematics whiz needs to chat with engineering buddies and develop a teleporter. I haven’t had a good giggle ice cream bar glowstick party since college.

  8. Arrrgghgh you’re a brave woman. There will also be bed jumping and early rising. No wonder you need a nap!

  9. Somebody’s got to do it, Kate.

  10. Ah, yes, the sleepover. Good times. The best? The lull, the incredible “quiet” that descends after the last guest leaves. Delish…

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