Posted by: Kate | June 12, 2008

Baffle of the Sexes

The title? It’s not a typo. Sometimes boys are just incomprehensible to me.

Let’s just compare what happens when we travel apart from the family, shall we?

When I travel, I take photos. Lots and lots of photos. I want to be able to come home and share my trip, help them imagine the experiences, show them what I saw.

When Willem travels, he takes a camera. And every once in a while, he uses it to take pictures. But not many. He went to Europe by himself for two weeks in 1998, and took precisely one roll of film. We went together in 1999 and took seventeen rolls in three weeks.

He also takes pictures of very different things. I want to remember the landscape, the artwork, the ambience. This past weekend, in Maine, he took two photos of the landscape…


…and 17 of the idiocy that happened in the hotel on Friday night.


When I travel without him, there is no wrestling. (There isn’t even much pillow-fighting, wearing high-heels and lingerie, or giggling, though he refuses to believe this.)


There is no balcony-related egress of formerly ingested food.


There is no inexplicable affection for the floor.


There’s not even much pre-drinking, up-side-down goofiness.


Maybe I’m just not supposed to understand.



  1. Kate, I can so identify. My Hubby is leaving on his “mancation” soon and they’re playing like 200 rounds of golf in 3 days. Wha???? And I doubt he would even think to bring the camera up to VT. Golf, beer, guys. Yucko.

  2. Oh, he didn’t think to bring the camera on his own; I threw it at him as he was heading out, since he’d raved about the scenery last year.

    We’ll see if there’s any photographic proof after his trip to California.

  3. Just part of why we love them, I think.

  4. and . . . there are no Cheesy T Shirts! Simple creatures aren’t they? Maybe it’s a case of what goes on tour, stays on tour!

  5. I’ll bet he didn’t bring home any souvenir swizzle sticks, either.


  6. heh heh. At least Willem hasn’t dropped the camera in the lake during one of these weekend’s!!

  7. BTW- I took the pictures of the landscape for him!! I like pictures as well 🙂

  8. […] gotten better about it this past year – he had a golfing weekend in Maine, and of course his Mancation in August, but still.  It’s an […]

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