Posted by: Kate | June 10, 2008

Why We’ll Go Camping Again




  1. Love the picture of you and Emily. You look marvelous darlink! Emily always looks beautiful. So pretty in NH.

    I have 13 days off……….I wish you only lived 100 miles away. I’m also beginning to consider not living in the state of WA for the rest of my life. Except for the cool, non humid weather there is not much for me here…or won’t be in a year or two. Love and hugs.

  2. That picture of you and Emily is fantastic. What a great shot to have. It’s a frameable one.

  3. great pictures. terrific one of you and your daughter. and the boy’s double stand up pee! classic!

  4. Oh that last photo is classic! We’re camping at the end of the summer and I can’t wait!

  5. Oh my goodness, look at that cute little bum.
    Good for you. We’re talking about a short overnight camping trip too, even with the 15 month old. We don’t want to break tradition for too long.

    I think camping falls under that category of nothing worth doing is easy.

    And nothing that’s too easy makes for great memories (or photographs).

  6. OK, you need a self esteem/reality check. You’re gorgeous. Emily is a lovely young lady, just like her mother. I sure hope you’re getting that picture framed!

    The boys tinkling picture really cracked me up. It’s funny and heart-warming all at once.

  7. Those are some excellent reasons to go camping — love that you shared those little moments with all of us! 🙂

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