Posted by: Kate | June 10, 2008

Lawn Seats

My daughter was a well-traveled toddler.

At 11 months, she spent a week or so in Holland. The first three days were m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e, to the point that, by the third night, I turned to my husband and announced, “I am walking home tonight. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.” But after that, she figured out the whole jet-lag/time-change thing and was a delight.

We took trips to the beach, trips to New York, trips to the Maritime Provinces. We went to concerts, and art museums, and aquariums. We visited family. We did stuff.

My son? Not so much. Second-child syndrome attacked, though it really wasn’t about the birth order. When he was born, I was a full-time doctoral student and my husband was a high school teacher. We were brokety-broke-broke-broke. We were also living in an isolated town over in western New Hampshire, cute enough to look at but more than an hour from anywhere else. Even back in the day when a tank of gas wasn’t a major investment, driving anyplace meant a full day trip, not a quick trip in and home before naptime. It just didn’t happen.

And then, last summer, things started to change. We realized we could afford the little trips again, and that, having moved over near the Seacoast, we were within easier reach of more stuff. It’s still a bit remote, but less than half the distance to Boston and a good trebuchet could get you to the beach from here.

So we went camping, and we started paying attention to the touristy stuff and the opportunities that came through. And this weekend he’s going to his first big-name concert. Never mind that, by this age, Emily had already seen Blues Traveler, Duncan Sheik, Seven Mary Three, Godsmack and the Barenaked Ladies. (Not all at the same time. Can you imagine?) Jacob, at three, is starting a little bit late, but I think that the Dave Matthews Band is a good first concert for anybody. At any age.

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  1. Dave Matthews rocks the party!!

  2. Nice! I think we’ll try taking the H Man to SPAC this summer. I’ll be curious to see how it goes with Jacob. My first concerts (also at SPAC) were Bugs Bunny Live (which was a live orchestra with a movie screen of bugs bunny cartoons and they played all of the noises and music…very cool), and John Denver. DMB is definitely a great place to start!

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