Posted by: Kate | June 9, 2008

Cheesy Enough to Give me Lactose Intolerance

OK, so, we’ve chatted before about Willem’s upcoming Mancation.  Two weeks, 13 ball games, testosterone, golf, manliness, West Coast, blah blah blah.  I’m happy for him, and happy that he’s going with an old friend, looking forward to the extra time with my kids, excited that my sister is planning to come out and stay with us so that I can still work… it’s all good.

Well, mostly.  There is one little detail which jumps up and slaps me in the face every time I think about it.  I think it’s hokey.  A cute idea, perhaps, especially if there were 20 guys going, but with just two?  Well, let’s just say it makes it all the more relevant that California just legalized gay marriage, because…

Willem’s traveling companion wants to print up t-shirts, with some sort of logo (possibly involving caricatures of each others’ faces), to commemorate the event.

So I ask you, is this really as cheesy as I think it is?  Willem doesn’t find it as completely cutesy and 8-year-old as I do, but he does admit to a certain level of doubt.



  1. Yes, it’s definitely cheesy. However. Shane and my BIL are just as cheesy, and would totally do something like take a mancation if either had the funds to do so (only, with football instead of baseball). And I could see them printing up t-shirts for the event too. My sis and I would be horrified, but they would be giddy with themselves anyway. With respect to their sports obsession and the accompanying dorkiness, I have to just turn a blind eye, lest I get an overwhelming need to jab a knitting needle in my neck.

  2. My husband would die if anyone even suggested such a thing. I agree that I could see it if it was a large group or a special reunion, etc. But, if they think it’s a fun idea…. why not?

  3. The gay marriage aspect does indeed make the idea more interesting … now I can’t help but think about the shirts representing something along THESE lines rather than the pure male bonding experience the trip is intended to be.

    Thanks for the laugh though …

  4. Sounds completely and totally gay.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. Considering that most women would absolutely under no circumstances never Ever EVER allow their partners to go on a 2-week testosterone poisoning binge, all alone on the other side of the country and away from the family, we can all understand the momentousness of the occasion. I can also see the the giddiness, deep appreciation for the event and desire for some kind of commemoration. T-shirts with each others’ faces on them though? Is Willem’s “special friend” four years old?

    Seems like a scrapbook with pictures, their golf score cards, beer coaster & labels, et cetera would be more appropriate, although no less gay, haha.

  6. may be they could make it much more masculine by adding a sports logo under their faces….just think, it could be weirder – it could be a tattoo.

  7. Ok this just made me giggle, hysterically giggle. 😉

  8. Sorry, I’m sure that my hubby, while he would never come up with the idea, would certainly wear the shirt…

  9. Maybe you should check their hotel reservations for honeymoon suites.

  10. Knowing the guy that is designing said shirt, I can alieve some of the fairie dust and glitter, the design is more tuned to fascades of the sporting venues and the logos of the teams that are playing, with a central Megadeath-esque tour listing.(with dates, times, combatants) absent are the prices of the largest beer in each stadium, and the number of gianormous footlong hotdogs that they’ll be…….. uh, …yeah, I’ll stop typing now. It’s shy of Pinto and Willem’s Rainbow Rodeo Round-up.

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