Posted by: Kate | June 8, 2008

The Karma of Boring

I’ve been home with the kids for a bit over 36 hours now, while Willem chases a tiny white ball around an enormous expanse of green grass in the middle of our first bona fide heat wave of the year.  (Friday it was 65 degrees out, Saturday 95.  Bipolar much?)

In that 36 hours, there has not been a single tantrum, or shout, or time-out.  The children have been helpful around the house and agreeable to the lameness which is bug spray and bedtime.  Both mornings, I could, theoretically, have slept in past noon, because they got up on their own, ate cereal, and quietly turned on cartoons, without my intervention.  It has been serene and calm.

It has also been fairly boring.  There has not been a single wrestling match, no shrieks of laughter interfering with the ability to breathe, no giddiness and last-minute tickling at bedtime.  Everything has plodded on in an orderly, predictable manner, with no surprises and no crises.  No fun, in the Daddy sense of the word.

This is the karma of the boring parent: less fun brings less laughter, but also less spaz brings less crying.


  1. HI!

    This has nothing to do with boring….well, at least I don’t think so… I LEARNED HOW TO DO THE MAGIC LOOP FOR KNITTING!!! It was really cool! I left my dpn hope and needed to do something besides another scarf sooo I found a video on youtube and – poof – knowledge! Thanks for letting me know about it!

    anyway, I love you and will now let you continue with the boring!

  2. I’d take boring right now. I’m going on my third business trip in three weeks, and I really, really wish for some boring, quiet at home time. You may be bored right now, but you’re also recharging. Recharging is good — you’ll need the energy for when the heat wave breaks and the kids run around screaming and playing.

  3. Revel in it Kate, the madness will resume shortly!

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