Posted by: Kate | June 1, 2008

The Agony and the Ecstasy

The Agony

When we arrived at the campground, we were told we could have our pick of spots because there were so few reservations.  We picked a spot, and then found out we could only have it for one night because it had a reservation for the next night.

The site we ended up with was rocky.

My hips always hurt when I sleep on the ground, but usually I can sleep on my back to make up for it.  But my tailbone is still broken so I can’t sleep flat on my back either.

It rained.  Several times.  Heavily.

The kids bickered.  Several times.  Annoyingly.

I wanted to go home Saturday afternoon, because more rain was predicted and I was tired and sore and had nothing to prove.  Willem wanted to stay at the campsite, because he had a specific plan for how the weekend was supposed to go.  We stayed.  It rained more.

There was no running water.  Anywhere.

We wanted to buy a new tent, as ours is 30 years old.  LL Bean didn’t have any in the outlet store, so we decided to wait and pay retail at home instead of shopping on vacation.

The Ecstasy

The view from our campsite was amazing, looking out over Casco Bay.  We saw a lot of herons and assorted water birds, and something critterlike in the water; I couldn’t get a clear enough view, but it had a seallike head.

We had plenty of firewood and some amazing food.  Lobster and scallops at a campground?  Why not?

The kids had a blast.  They love each other just enough more than they irritate each other.

We made it through, despite unpredicted extra rain; it really only rained heavily at times when we were indoors or sleeping.

The latrines, for only the most starry-eyed optimist (of which I am not) could have called them bathrooms, were far less horrifying than one might expect.  Granted, we were there on cool, rainy days in May, not hot, humid days in August, but that’s just one more thing to appreciate.

We’ll take our time and get a nice new tent before the next adventure.  Just as soon as I can dredge up the energy to get off the couch.



  1. Sorry it wasn’t perfect like Willem had planned (he has the best intentions.) Steve and I have never camped together mmmmmmmm, wouldn’t that be an experience to write about – I’ll have to make that priority this next year.
    As for the tent check a couple of the Ebay Stores I have found some stuff pretty cheap and good quality. Another big birthday hug with a warm dry towel. Enjoy the couch for a while. 😉

  2. “The kids had a blast. They love each other just enough more than they irritate each other.” I am going to use this quote!!

    Wish our couches were closer together…

  3. I’m not much on the outdoorsy stuff unless it involves my hammock. Sounds like you guys made the best of it, despite the weather!

  4. The difference between a 31yo and a 46 yo~I would not sleep on the ground in the rain for all the money in the world. Glad you had mostly a great time! Hugs.

  5. Sounds like the perfect camping experience, rough it, Kate, like nature intended. You ate better than I ever did 😦

  6. with the exception of the gourmet foods, those are ALL reasons i don’t camp. although i want to now and enjoyed it then (as a child on family trips).

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