Posted by: Kate | May 24, 2008

Keeper of Lost Things

The bank passbook.

The list of things to-do.

The outfit for school.

The rules about breakfast.

The kids’ birth certificates.

The calendar of immunizations and doctor’s appointments.

Bug spray.

Dress shoes.

The pencil sharpener.


Most of the time, it feels good to be useful.  To know the answers to the constant “Where…?” questions, even if I feel honor-bound to encourage independence (“Have you actually tried moving anything?”) before I step in. 

But when the questions start to sneak into demands, and the list of lost things reaches the thousands, my patience starts to crack just a little.  It’s such a fine line, that dance between enabling apathy and expecting responsibility and being too demanding. 

And that’s just when my husband has misplaced something.  It’s even trickier when it involves the kids.



  1. Hi Kate,
    I just posted last night about my husband “losing” his gym shoes. It’s very annoying, I know – husband or kids.

    But I also have to admit I enjoy getting a little smug or feeling like they could never live without me 🙂


  2. Oh I hear you! I’m constantly getting asked “do you know where xxxx is?”. And then expected to drop everything and look. I try to get them to look by suggesting logical places but they can never find it. When I do find it and ask “didn’t I ask you to look there”, I always get well I did but I didn’t see it. Uh huh, yeah right.

    And Husband, just yesterday he couldn’t find his watch. A fact he mentioned at 4:45 am before he left for work and again when he called at 7 am. Where was it? right on his bookcase where he puts his watch/wallet/keys. It had fallen out of the container and slightly behind it, but not out of sight.


  3. Haha . . I guess the ‘boy look’ is universal. I was asked where the petrol can for DrummerBoy’s motor bike was yesterday? Like I’d know! I wish I really DID know where all the odd socks go!

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