Posted by: Kate | May 22, 2008

Twelve Hours Later

At ten o’clock this morning, I was chatting with a former coworker, standing at a playground, watching our toddlers play.  Her child is just at the earliest edge of toddlerhood, balancing her toddling time with falling down and minimal conversation; mine is in his last few months as a toddler, self-confident and able to talk the ears off a cornfield. We took the kids out to lunch, talked about parenthood, discussed work, and were grown-ups.  It was pleasant, and low-key.

Twelve hours later, I had left my children in the care of a stranger, and was sitting in an Irish-pub style bar with my husband, unable to hold a conversation over the noise and taking part in a body shot.  In public.  We were having a night out with several of his classmates, to celebrate the end of the semester and the end of coursework for Willem and his girlfriend, who have passed all of the necessary classes and comprehensive exams and now have only two monsters left to slay in order to be called Doctor: a dissertation and a minor.  Willem drank to excess.  It was fun, and decidedly not low-key.

In another twelve hours, we’ll be packing and last-minute shopping before a weekend away.  The kids are staying with my mother while we take a few days in New York City, to stay in a nice hotel and catch a Broadway show.

Things are good.



  1. It’s fun to be able to cut loose every now and again. Have a great weekend!

  2. And how is Williem’s head today? I hope you guys have fun in NYC!

  3. There’s lots to celebrate. Enjoy!

    And congrats again to Willem!

  4. If you run into a 23 year old Aussie girl near Central park wearing south American wrist bands, black and white striped headband and a T shirt bearing the Australian flag, please ask her to call her mother! Have fun! I believe Mary Poppins is playing on Broadway!

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