Posted by: Kate | April 23, 2008

Eight Plus One Week

Dear Emily,

So help me God, little girl, I am ready to empty out your room completely and let you sleep on the floor with no toys, no new clothes, just the bare minimum.  I am so angry with you that I can barely breathe.  My decision to close your door and leave you alone for the night is nowhere near as much of a punishment as it is an attempt to keep myself quiet and not say things that will cause permanent scars.  We’ll deal with this in the morning.

I love you anyway,



  1. Oh boy! Big hugs

  2. WHOA…… (<=said in my best Joey Lawrence impression)

  3. What did she do?? Was it just a mess? Buddy’s is always a disaster area, so we always shut the door to not have to deal with it (well, that and to keep his 2 year old sister out – he has loads of Legos).

    Some friends of ours have a pre-teen daughter who had gotten into some trouble at home. They removed her door to her bedroom and made her earn it back. LOL.

  4. Oh boy! I hope whatever she did doesn’t seem as bad today. It was a hard lesson for me to learn that as a Mom I always love my kids, but there are occasions when I don’t like them very much.

  5. big hugs Mom!!! hopefully a little time a part will make it seem a bit better. These are the beginning of those hard teenage girl years. You 2 have a great relationahip and I am sure things will be better soon. Hang in there – Great choice to keep some distance!

  6. […] all brings me around to last night.  Yesterday was a long day, emotionally and chronologically.  I brought Jacob back to preschool […]

  7. Seems like a wise decision. Best of luck with the discussion. My 8 year old is sending me around the bend. I literally feel my hairs turning gray around her.

  8. I did the whole “empty the room of all toys” thing with my strong-willed little girl. It didn’t work. She’s a tough cookie, as I imagine your Emily is. Part of me hopes she will stay that way, and not give in to peer pressure as she gets older, but find her own way.

    If I don’t kill her first.

  9. […] don’t know that she really is.  To be trusted, that is.  She has shown, and recently, that lying and sneaking are not foreign concepts in her world.  But I’ve […]

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