Posted by: Kate | April 9, 2008


Thanks to Her Bad Mother, I have one more reason to bemoan the fact that I’m not enormously pregnant, and perhaps a smidge of solace in the idea of waiting a few more months to conceive such that I will be due in May 2009 instead.

Because only a May-born baby can be the Vlasic Pickles Stork Baby.  (Karmyn, are you reading this?)

And not only could your baby be the Vlasic Pickles Stork Baby (VPSB for short), but you can also throw out all those pesky baby-name books, because

If the parents of the Vlasic® Stork Baby want to show their love and dedication to Vlasic® Pickles by making his or her middle name, “Crunch,” the savings bond value will be increased to $25,000.


The winning baby gets a year’s supply of pickles.  Seems like a newborn would get an awful lot of mileage out of just a single pickle; a year’s supply could result in part of the jar being thrown out at the end.

I do feel a bit slighted here.  A little stung by the unfairness of age discrimination.  After all, I was a May baby too.  But I bet I wouldn’t even rank, seeing as how I’m not in diapers, anymore or yet again.

I’d make a fabulous VPSB, I just know it.



  1. My daughter was conceived in May (of 2005). But, my pickle eating powers were only in full force for my pregnancy with my son.

  2. I KNOW! I was thinking the same thing. I was born in May… and I think I’d even change my middle name for 5 grand.
    No, no I wouldn’t.

  3. I’ll do one better – since we have no name chosen yet – I’ll name him Crunch. Ha! How much would they give me for that???

    Come on baby – don’t be late like your brother and sister.

  4. ROFLOL I hope Karmyn’s baby wins! 🙂

  5. My oldest kid (born in March) can eat herself some pickles. I bet she’d love this.

  6. We used pickles for the boys to chew on when they were teething (until the teeth came though, of course!) Funny, they loved them then, but won’t go near them now!

  7. I can just hear it now “John CRUNCH Smith” get your behind off of that couch!

  8. I think there was a contest a few years ago where you could win some large amount of money if you named your kid Turok, like the video game character. Turok Crunch!

    I tagged you for a meme:

  9. When I got married, I dropped my middle name, and took on my maiden name as a middle name instead. Not hyphenated.

    If my middle name was Crunch, I might have had to get married at 12.

  10. I never knew this I had 2 May babies. Do you think Monet would still qualify-she is in diapers and note quite 2 yo? Granted she wears a size 3 nearly a size 4. Hmmmmmaybe I need to get busy working on #3 in August/Early Sept.

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