Posted by: Kate | April 2, 2008

Less than 100 Things

I’ve been chipping away at my 100 Things list, a bit here and there.  The trip to Jamaica put a good-sized dent in it; I didn’t even remember that I had wanted to try snorkeling.  I can safely cross it off the list and not do it again, thankfully.  I was disappointed to learn that Jamaica is officially associated with North America and not South, so I can’t check a new continent off my list.

As a general update…

  • We’ve found a babysitter, or rather rediscovered her.  I had thought she graduated last year, but it turns out we were able to squeeze one more year out of her.  And this time I’ll be sure to quiz her about friends who babysit before she escapes off to college.
  • I had lost another five pounds up to the vacations.  I’ve put a few back on, I think, because staying at an all-you-can-eat resort and then spending time with a broken tailbone makes for an increased calorie intake, somehow.
  • I’m accepting the pain management for migraines as is, for now.  It’s not perfect, and I suspect that in time I’ll need to upgrade meds because I’m developing a tolerance, but for now – and as long as I’m trying to conceive, then pregnant, then breastfeeding – I’ll accept the status quo as “good enough.”  I haven’t missed work for it in several months, which is a general indicator of just how controlled they really are.
  • I got a massage on the beach in Jamaica.  It was JUST FINE.  I almost feel like it deserves more than half of the “two massages per year” goal simply due to being on the beach, in Jamaica, but I don’t want to short myself a massage sometime later in the year.  I would also like to congratulate myself, since that’s basically what this post is all about anyway, for getting the massage before I went and got all sunburned.,
  • I’ve caught up to my knitting-pattern books, having made at least one creation from each book.  Of course, a part of my brain is whispering that this means I should go buy more books, and I acutally tried to do so last week; we had an hour to kill between watching the Harlem Globetrotters and meeting my dad and his girlfriend for dinner, and spent it at the Barnes & Noble next door.  I paged through probably 25 books, and just didn’t find anything that demanded purchase.  I’ll remain on the lookout, never fear.
  • I’ve been better about taking videos of the kids.  Of course, my computer doesn’t have the proper FireWire input and I haven’t gotten around to returning the defective USB converter yet, so I can’t prove it, but I know they’re there. 
  • I watched the sunrise over the Atlantic, courtesy of my mother’s early rising and Jamaica’s one-hour time zone difference from home.  Lovely, of course.  I didn’t get photos, because I didn’t want to go back in the room and wake my sisters, but it looked a lot like the sunsets, only earlier.
  • I snorkeled.  And had a complete, gasping, wheezing, freakout panic attack.  I’ve never been claustrophobic before, never had any clue that I would have such a hard time with it.  I could stand and wear the mask, and breathe normally, but the second I put my face in the water, my throat closed up.  Maybe I’ll try again someday… but for now I’ll stick with goggles and holding my breath, thanks.
  • I swam with dolphins.  It was neat, they’re smooth to the touch and strong enough to lift me out of the water.  There’s video somewhere, I’ll have to get a copy from my mother.  I’m actually a little ambivalent on this one, because while it was amazing and exciting, it was also a bit zoolike and artificial.  I think what I really want to do is swim with dolphins, in the wild, just hang out together somehow.  Which, being wildly unlikely, I’m not going to hold out for; it’s just that I was all jazzed about meeting this goal and I was left a little flat on it afterward.  Not to mention the expense – those critters aren’t cheap.
  • I parasailed.  Now, this, I would do again, unequivocally, anywhere, anytime.  Amazing.  Very quiet – you only hear the wind – and solitary and fun.
  • We don’t use paper plates or napkins at home anymore; a roll of paper towels lasts several months.  We’ve got decent dishwasher-safe plastic stuff for the kids (courtesy of IKEA) and cloth napkins which I’m not entirely satisfied with – they could be bigger – but which do the trick.
  • I’ve designed a handful of knitting patterns and posted them on Ravelry.  Nothing truly published, yet, but I have a few ideas floating around.  I want to clear away some other projects first, and I don’t see myself making publishing a priority within the next year or two, at least.

So, things are going pretty well, in the general wish-fulfillment area.  Now if I can just get pregnant…



  1. Baby vibes for you and me this month.

  2. WOW!!’ll have to make another list. Baby vibes to you my friend. 😉

  3. I have a similar difficulty with snorkeling, but it passes after a bit. The first few minutes in the water I’m convinced I’ll drown, but then I remember all I have to do is float on my stomach and breathe and it’s ok. I got certified in scuba a week ago in the Cayman Islands and, bizarrely, didn’t really freak out about it. Actually, I’m totally addicted. But it’s definitely a risky bet if you incline toward claustrophia… And the boat rides really sucked until I discovered TripTone – miracle drug for preventing seasickness.

    Cheers on so much accomplishment though! I like the discipline to write down any 100 things, let alone hold myself accountable to it.

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