Posted by: Kate | March 29, 2008

Body Language

I’m just starting to return to normal, body image-wise.  Starting to remember that I’ve lost a lot of weight, and know how to dress appropriately for my figure, and look halfway decent.  That I can be attractive to a male of the species, and I really only need one.

I was traveling in Jamaica with my mother and sisters.  I was, by far, the largest of the group, and also the most married and settled.  Not only was I not cute enough to attract a certain type of attention, but I also was apparently sending out vibes that I didn’t want to.  This was fine in the moment, but after several days, I was becoming more and more aware of my own size.  Just tall and round and… me.   (Continuing photographic proof, albeit in limited amounts since I was mostly holding the camera, on my travel blog.)

But now I’m home, with a husband quite interested in my me-ness.  And willing to engage in the sorts of activities necessary to continue on our quest to create another member of the population.  With a box full of too-big clothes waiting to be donated.  There are ways in which returning to reality isn’t so terrible.


  1. Yay for a box full of too-big clothes! And yay for having the guts to do something I would never be brave enough to do!

    (Seriously. I whimpered throughout your description of falling FOUR STORIES.)


  2. Hey Kate –

    Welcome home. Man, sounds like you guys had a ball. I loved your travel blog and pics of all your fun (and bruises). I go on an anual girls weekend where we have way too much fun – not quite so much as you did in the excitement department – just the sisterly bonding and fun parts.

    And your cliff jump? Wow! You wrote:

    “If your sister jumped off a cliff, would you do it to?” Affirmative.”

    Ha! How cool is that?! I soooo would have done that myself, but, also would have probably had a heart attack doing it.

    I’m also impressed by the box of two big clothes. I reeeeeeally need to get me one of those…

    Glad to hear hubby kept the homefront running and was a nice safe welcoming flattering place to come home to.


  3. Yay you for having a box of too-big clothes to donate! Now that I’m the least busy PhD on the planet, I finally have time to concentrate on making one of those.

    When still embroiled in doctoral study, it was necessary for me to travel several times a year from anywhere from a weekend to two weeks at a time. My favorite part was always the “welcome home fuckings” I received upon my return. Maybe I need to plan a trip soon, heehee.

  4. Good for you! Sounds really lovely.

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