Posted by: Kate | March 12, 2008

Series Killer

Does anyone out there remember the series Wonderland?  It was on for about two weeks in the spring of 2000, and I take full responsibility for its demise.

After all, I did a terrible thing to that show.  I watched it from the first moment it was aired, actively enjoyed it, and looked forward to the next episode.  Clearly, I wasn’t considering the consequences of my actions, because it was dead before I had the chance to blink.

Since then, I’m very wary about allowing myself to get too interested in a show until it’s had some time to survive on its own before I turn my steely-eyed, vicious gaze upon it.  I didn’t start watching Grey’s Anatomy until midway through the second season, or Intervention, or a number of other alluring possibilities, just because I wanted to let them grow roots and give me the chance to watch older episodes before they all run out.

So I’ve just lately started watching Dexter, and enjoying him in a no-freaking-way sort of way.  And can regretfully report that I accidentally found and killed a fantastic run of documentaries called History Rocks, which I found riveting and interesting and dead after three episodes.

Any other fledgling new series you’d like me to destroy with only the power of my mind?  I don’t seem to have as much luck with reality shows; they’re more like kudzu, you can’t kill those suckers off.  Though I do miss Temptation Island


  1. Don’t watch New Amsterdam! Please! I really like it and I’d like it to stick around.

    I’m also a Dexter fan, but that’s been around for awhile on Showtime, so you can keep watching it. I can get it from Netflix if I need to.

    Oh yeah, and don’t watch October Road, either. Just back off!

  2. Please just stay away from Boston Legal. It’s the only show Husband and I both like.

  3. Please just stay away from Boston Legal. It’s the only show Husband and I both like.

  4. I miss Temptation Island too…

  5. Thank you for not killing Dexter. A show that shockingly good needs to last a little while.

    Kudzu. Haven’t thought about that in ages. Do they have that stuff in the north? I reminds me of my childhood in Georgia.

  6. I heart Dexter in a nearly psychotic way. LOL. A friend just lent me the season one DVDs of the Showtime version and WOW! It’s even hotter and better than the CBS edited shows. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

  7. Oh and the Evil Twin and I are also Series Killers. We loved “Action” that was on Fox a few years back. They cancelled that thing fast enough to make ones head spin.

    We find we have the same eerie capability to get favorite menu items taken off or great foods to disappear from store shelves *forever*. It’s a gift.

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