Posted by: Kate | March 11, 2008

Another Day at the Office

Have you been watching this nonsense with Eliot Spitzer in New York?  And if so, is your forehead also sore from pounding it on the nearest brick wall?

Let’s just ignore the politics and criminal activity for a moment, shall we?  Because the solicitation of prostitution, the wiring of funds and thereby engaging in organized crime, the interstate commerce violations, the abuse of political power… whatever, someone else will say it better than I will, not to mention saying it a lot more often.

Let’s instead think about this fine, upstanding married father of three teenage girls.  What must it do to one’s development of silly, nonessential traits like a sense of self, regard for men in general, healthy sexuality, to have one’s father embroiled in a very public, well-documented, detail-intensive sex scandal involving prostitutes and abuse of power? 

There’s his wife, too, who is currently doing the glassy-eyed one-Ativan-too-many supportive-wife gaze at press conferences because Eliot sporting a black eye to match Silda’s sprained wrist would be unsightly for the news cameras.  What goes on inside your head, when all you want to do is get away from the man for a while, possibly after separating him from a few key body parts, but you feel pressured to put on a political, public façade?  How long does it take to stop hating yourself for getting caught up in a machine so much larger than you are, one that has started to attack your home life and your children’s well-being?

But, never fear, permanent emotional scars aside, there is a moment of levity in all of this.  David Paterson is Eliot’s lieutenant governor, the next in line should Mr. Spitzer be asked to relocate himself to the nearest federal-run razor-wire-and-matching-clothes facility.  He is black, and legally blind.  Good for him, and I’d love to see him take a few steps ahead in the power game without needing his boss to screw up so profoundly first.  Not to mention that he can now, in full honesty, say, “I didn’t see anything.” 

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  1. As soon as I heard that he had teenage daughters my heart wrenched even further than the destroyed marriage he had created. Those poor girls will have so much healing to do after this is all said and done.

    What a selfish bastard.

  2. So was he prosecuting prostitutes, all moral and judgmental, then said, “you know, that one looks kind of cute . . .” and whoa, the penis ruled all, no matter what he could lose.

    These political wives who go out there and stand at such announcements need their own heads examined. Face the music yourself, I’d say!!

    CNN said that at the NY stock exchange, people stopped and cheered when they heard the news. Spitzer is soooo hated by so many for his holier-than-thou attitudes–so what led him to this act of self-sabotage? So fascinating!!

  3. It’s not always the really white knight types who do this; it’s just so much weirder when they do.

    Poor poor girls (both his daughters and the pros). I give the marriage 3 months.

  4. “I didn’t see anything.”

    That freakin’ cracked me up to no end.

  5. We were discussing this last night. And I feel for his family so much and so wish that it would quiet down a bit just for the kids’ sake but that won’t happen. UGH! Why do people have to be so damn selfish and arrogant thinking that this is acceptable behavior or they will never get caught??????????

  6. Some of the sound bytes that are getting played down here are just making me laugh, especially since I am only hearing about half of them to begin with. My favorite this morning had to have been from a few years ago when he was “going after the porno rings” and what did he just get busted for?

  7. He really sounds like a Republican in disguise.

    His poor family.

  8. Even before this happened he always seemed like a slimy guy to me, as though he was only moral on the surface. I guess my gut feelings were right, although for his family’s sake I wish I were dead wrong.

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