Posted by: Kate | March 10, 2008

Brave/Stupid, Follow-Up

Turns out, there was nothing either brave or stupid about bringing my husband bathing-suit shopping.  He did a great job, offered honest opinions (politically and carefully worded) and after trying on approximately 4,000 suits, I came home with two that I never would have even lifted off the rack on my own, but that he chose.  Right sizes and everything.

Serves me right for forgetting that I married a decent guy.

It was especially delightful because the woman in the dressing room next to mine was bathing-suit shopping with her approximately-3-year-old daughter, who was decidedly less political – or subdued – in her opinions.

OK, now for the rest of the packing.  I still want to get a pedicure, having spent yesterday in the ED as a misguided substitute for pampering, and have decided not to get my hair cut before traveling.  Sunscreen, yes, must buy that.  I have to start a list; I was going to start buying the toiletries today but realized I wasn’t certain what I have at home.  Glasses, vitamins, passport, chapstick, list of souvenirs to look for…

What does one bring back from Jamaica, anyway?  T-shirts and postcards?  Seashells and sand?

Guess I’ll find out next week.


  1. Bring the warm weather back with you.

  2. I always try to remember Tylenol…someone needs it especially when no one has any.

  3. Tie-dyed anything and rum are both good Jamaica souvenirs.

  4. Oooh! Liver damage from all those delicious tropical rum cocktails.

  5. A cabana boy for markira.

  6. Bring rum and the afore-mention cabana boy.

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