Posted by: Kate | March 10, 2008

Brave, or Stupid?

Enough with the illness.  I’m done.  I refuse to continue this nonsense.  Thus sayeth I.

I’m leaving for Florida on Friday and am not coming home again until after my trip to Jamaica, so I need to pack twice.  I don’t own 10 days’ worth of summer clothes.  At least, certainly not in my current size, having lost 40 pounds since the last time I traveled anywhere in warm weather.  So I’ve done a bit of shopping already, and want to pick up a few more things, including the dreaded bathing suit.

I don’t spend a lot of time in bathing suits, on an annual basis.  When I take the kids to the beach, Emily goes in the water but Jacob likes to stay on the sand or near the edge, so shorts and t-shirt work just fine.  We let our membership to the Y lapse because the 40-mile round trip was just unreasonable.  There’s just not much need.  Which is just as well, because while I’m fairly comfortable in my own skin, I don’t need to foist it upon the rest of the world in large doses.

But the time has come.  And since I’ve been told not to drive until I have no vertigo at all, which means not yet, then I need Willem to drive with me.  I can’t decide whether taking my husband bathing-suit shopping is a sign of my trust for him or an open invitation for salacious and embarrassing experiences.

What else do I need to remember to pack?  I get the essentials: clothes, comfortable shoes for Disney, uncomfortable shoes for a night out in Jamaica, cameras, batteries, chargers, computer, yarn and needles and patterns (oh my).  But the weird stuff, what am I forgetting?  What do you forget?

You think on that, and I’ll go shave my legs.


  1. sunscreen, and I inevitably forget my hairbrush. never fails.

  2. It will feel good to shop for a 40-pounds-less swimsuit! Or you could get a sports bra and short biking briefs for a lot less (like at Sports Authority). I did that when my suits were packed away, worked fine and no highcut legs to shave for.

    Hope you’re feeling MUCH healthier by Friday!

  3. He doesn’t have to be in the dressing room with you. Just try on the suits and pick what you like without his input. That’s what I would do. My hubs’ opinion cannot be trusted on matters of my appearance. I love that he loves me the way I am, but it means that he cannot give an unbiased opinion.

    I always forget something when I travel. Last time it was my moisturizer. The time before that, cleanser. I just make sure that I have all the important, not-easily-replaced things (prescriptions, contacts, glasses).

  4. hairbrush! yes!

    I often seem to manage to forget socks, too.

  5. I have drawn up a checklist on what to pack for a week’s business trip. You are welcome to have a look. No matter what the purpose of the trip is, the packing of some necessities are more or less similar. Cheers.

  6. Moss – thanks! To others, I found his blog post containing said list here:

  7. I have forgotten deodorant at least twice, as well as prescription medications and my toothbrush.

  8. Don’t forget your passport and tickets!

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