Posted by: Kate | March 7, 2008

No One Else is Surprised

My sister Sarah just called: she was accepted into grad school at Syracuse, into the MSW program, based on her application alone.  No interview for her, thankyouverymuch.

She’s shocked.  None of the rest of us are surprised in the slightest.  I’m just glad that Syracuse recognized her wonderfulness right away, without wasting time.

You think that girl’s got a little celebrating to do?  I wonder if there will be enough rum in Jamaica…


  1. Wow. I, who is just on the verge of getting my AA, am asuitably impressed. Congrats Sarah. She’s your sis Kate, no doubt in my mind that she is as brilliant as you!!!

    I got into nursing school here.

  2. Oh what fun. Yet another reason to celebrate!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Sarah!!! 🙂 Party on!! 🙂

  4. Congrats to Sarah.

    Hi Kate

  5. Of course she got in. Fabulousness seems to run in your family.

    *singing, albeit badly and offkey, but with appropriate gusto – while dancing the Curly Shuffle*

    Get down, girl go ‘head, get down!

  6. Congrats Sarah…and I’m positive you’ll find plenty of rum concoctions to celebrate as appropriately or inappropriately as you desire.

  7. Congratulations Sarah!!!

  8. it’s weird to have congrats coming from my sister’s blog…but kind of nice too! Thank you so much! I will admit that a wee-small bit of pre-Jamaica partying did slip out over the weekend but nothing to ruin the true party awaiting…9 days!!

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