Posted by: Kate | March 2, 2008

Snuck the Fow

I know, it’s passé and uninteresting to blog about the weather, as it paves the way to start listing what I had for lunch and enumerating my child’s every bodily function… but seriously?  The snow?  Enough, already.

I live in a single-story ranch, and the snow is level with the bottom windowsills.  At the end of the driveway, we have approximately eight-foot snowbanks.  It’s just unreasonable.

We got another six or eight inches yesterday, and I did not greet its arrival with enthusiasm.  Gretchen and I had a yarn crawl planned; initially, when the meteorologist was only threatening us with three to six inches, we were planning to head north, to Bath, Maine, to a specific store she’d heard about there.  Then the green-screened jerk raised the prediction to six to eight inches, with more along the coast and up into Maine, so we redesigned our plans with a map of several shops in New Hampshire.  I got organized enough to create a several-destination Google Map and we were ready to go.  By Friday night, the Weather Center bastards had seen their previous call and raised it to six to ten inches, and we decided, you know what?  Screw it.  Willem keeps granola bars in the truck and we both have cell phones, so if we end up in a ditch on the side of the road, we’ll survive.  This weekend is my last totally free, unplanned weekend for a long time – until May, at least, and then I only have two weeks of down-time – and I was determined to enjoy it.

So we did.  We took the Penis Truck, which was able to bear up manfully under the estrogen-intensive nature of the conversation and the shopping.  We bought yarn, and needles, though in a concession to time limitations and the fact that there’s really no point in going to another store when you find exactly what you wanted in the first store, we only went to one place – “Ewe’ll Love It” in Nashua.   The name of the store is cutesy enough to bring the bile to the top of my throat, but the shop itself is fabulous, with enough yarn to make my head spin without being crowded or overwhelming.

We had lunch out, we solved the world’s problems, we spent a little more than planned (read: I’m a wicked enabler and you may not want to entrust me with your final cash-register indecisive moments).  The weatherman can bite me, I had a good day out anyway.



  1. Ah, Ewe’ll Love It is my closest local shop and I totally agree with you about the name. I gag at it every time I(anyway) for the best of everything–when I can afford it.

    But I like the sales staff better at Wilton’s Woolery and Concord’s Enchanted Ewe. Or the Hub Mills outlet in Lowell. Or the great place down in Lexington, MA. So many places, so much temptation!

  2. Sunny, breezy, and 77 here today. Just thought I’d mention that. Seriously, glad you made a good day happen amidst all that snow.

  3. You go girl. And Frank thinks “Penis Truck” is funny, as he was reading over my shoulder.

  4. […] Mancation, I’m packing and preparing for another escapade of my own.  Gretchen, she of the yarn-enabling and kitchen-painting and child-rescuing, and I are going to spend the weekend at a B&B in […]

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