Posted by: Kate | March 2, 2008

Procrastination Ain’t Just a River in … um, no.

Why, yes, Paula, as a matter of fact, I do respond to tags and memes… it just takes me a while, sometimes. (But to balance, this past week I was psychic and did the music-changed-my-life meme before it was actually created.) Particularly with this type of, “List strange things about you,” meme. I often am unaware of just how random or weird certain of my quirks are, until someone stops dead in their tracks and says, “What? You don’t like raspberry cheesecake? What is wrong with you?”

But the guilt of an unresponded meme will lie upon my head, until I either officially declare it too complicated (there was some genus/phylum/species thing a bit ago that just melted certain key neurons upon contact) or give in and play. So, then…

This is the part where I identify Paula as the tagger, and then share five random or weird facts about myself. I should also tag five others to play.  OK.

  • I don’t enjoy winter sports.  Any of them.  At all.  I don’t like getting cold, and it takes me forever to warm up.  I can ice skate, and did so just this afternoon, but I do so to let the rest of the family enjoy their own outings a little more.  I’ve snowboarded once, and hated every single falling-down, ice-cold, poorly-taught second of it.  Sled-related gravity can be fun for brief moments, but I get irritated because apparently I grew up in the one tiny little pocket of the country that calls it “sliding” instead of “sledding,” and I get tired of justifying my vocabulary.  And did I mention that I get cold?
  • I would rather go deep into debt and have bright memories and a fantastic photo album than save every penny and have a hard time telling one year from another.
  • Even if I am in the middle of a raging, blinding, overwhelming migraine, it disappears when I’m with a client.  It will typically come rushing back the moment I walk out of the hospital, but something about that intensity of focus is therapeutic.  I haven’t figured out how to sustain it on my own.
  • After every meal, I have a brief, intense craving for chocolate.  I’ve learned that just a bite will do – a Hershey’s Kiss or something small – but if there is none in the house, I feel vaguely unfulfilled and disoriented.
  • I love – love – putting on dinner parties at my house.  I feel very much in my element putting together dinner for eight or ten, whether it’s a simple roast beef or a complicated seafood spread.  Casual parties are good, too.  I just love providing good food and being surrounded by good company, and it has only been in recent years that I’ve learned that not everyone finds it fun and relaxing.  One of my friends told me she would rather get a root canal than have people over for dinner.

And for the tags?  Nah, I just can’t.  I have this nagging dread that I’ve either tagged everyone or am mortally offending someone because I’ve forgotten them; it’s just easier on my conscience to let it slide.  But all y’all, in the comments, tell me something I don’t know.  Something random or weird.  Bring it on.



  1. I hate–no, HATE having my belly button touched at all. So you can imagine what a joy it is being pregnant and having my belly hanging out about 30 inches or so. (and no, it never has popped out…but MAN, I hate when people touch it).

    But something about being pregnant makes me wonder what the belly button looks like from the inside…..

  2. I hate entertaining a group (defined as more than 2 visitors) and do it only rarely when forced. I had a traumatic childhood with a superMom who had to prove in the 1950s that she could work fulltime and have an immaculate home too. She forced me to clean–extensively–for days in preparation for any visitor. I highly resent needing to “get ready” for company, but can’t NOT do it.

    But as for weird stuff :-), I love Sanskrit chants. I chant to raise my spirits and shut out anxiety.

  3. I have never seen the appeal of cheesecake. Give me pie anyday! As for winter sports, we call it “tobogganing” here. Having people over/throwing parties (dinner or cocktail) is my absolute favorite thing to do. I love every step of the planning and preparation!! I love the fact my dining room table seats 12 comfortably and will sit there talking (and drinking!) after eating, in front of the fireplace for hours! I love the fact that my house has four fireplaces, especially this winter! If I weren’t doing what I do, I would wish to be a waitress (server).

    The most random thing that only my family (and university roommates) know is that if I take the time to have a power nap, I turn my hairdryer on. It keeps me warm and drowns out the noise of the kids. Don’t worry, I don’t put it anywhere near the covers…

  4. Nita, it seems like perhaps you could combine the two… chanting whilst preparing for guests…?

    And Annie, there’s a comment somewhere in there about using a haridryer being better than a vibrator, but I’ll just let it slide…

  5. Entertaining can be fun if it is outside…I love having Bar-B-Ques poolside but dinner parties in the house nope can’t do. I think my house is too small but we have a 1/2 acre backyard so everyone out!!!
    Odd thing, it’s lame but I hate to shop if I do a trip for more than 2 hours everyone is shocked and I always come home with a massive headache HOWEVER I love working retail. I love to merchandise, help other people shop for stuff they need/want. I worked western wear for several years through college & I spent tons of time shaping western hats and loved that even more. I actually miss it.

  6. I am allergic to aloe. It burns my skin. Literally. I am left with an area of burn similar to severe sunburn in the exact shape of the location that the aloe touched my skin.

  7. I’m so with you on the entertaining thing. Everything from a spur of the moment “come as y’all are” casual supper to more formal dinners to our legendary 4th of July party where we feed around 100 people, hire a band & a margarita machine, I’m game for all of it. Making my guests feel honored and welcome is what I do best.

    One weird thing about me is that I know how to operate a backhoe. Not a bad skill to have if that whole neuropsychologist gig doesn’t work out.

  8. Being a waitress was perhaps the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had.

  9. You are much more dutiful about answering than I am! And now you know…I too am sslllooowww.

    I can’t wait for the day I will be able to host dinners again. If anyone finds themselves way the hell up at the end of 95 in Maine, give me a holler. I’ll be glad to cook for you. By then I will at least have an eat in kitchen.

    I hope.

  10. I make up stories to myself when I am trying to fall asleep. Fiction, but about my life and people I know, situations and what I’d do if I were in them.
    Sometimes it bleeds over into my dreams, and when it does they are generally lucid dreams and I can change them.

  11. Best subject line ever. Seriously. I laughed out loud and then had to read it to Mr. Riot so he knew why I was laughing. 😛

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