Posted by: Kate | February 27, 2008

Liquid Gold

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s really not a surprise.  I knew it was on the horizon.  I saw the signs, read the writing on the wall, heard it through the grapevine.

And yet it was a little sad and slightly painful, disappointing after years of struggle and avoiding the inevitable.

It started first thing this morning.  We got another dumping of that white wintery crap last night, and Willem is home until the evening.  So I took his truck to drop the kids off at daycare and enjoy my last few days of freedom from being tied to the office. (There’s only one desk in the room right now, and Perfect J has commandeered it, so until there are two desks, I’m staying home.  Ain’t no way I’m going to sit in the corner.  Nobody puts Baby in the corner.).

By the end of the block, the truck made its quiet and gentle manly and intimidating ding noise to let me know it was almost out of gas.  Fabulous, one more thing to add to the morning.

So we stopped at my normal, full-serve-but-cheapest-in-town place, only to find out that their tanks weren’t working.  Fine, drop Jacob off, stop at another place down the road.  Same company, also full-serve… but this one was $3.04.

It’s the first time, when not on vacation, that I’ve spent more than $2.99 per gallon.  That’s what the sign said at the first place, so I’d have been able to stretch out the streak just a bit longer.  But it was not to be.

A moment of silence, please, for the days when I could fill up the tank for less than a dinner for four.


  1. I so know. I haven’t yet crossed the C-note mark, but I feel it hanging around.

    If you don’t go to the office, whither Perfect J stories?

  2. Oh, they’ll come, the Perfect J stories. I’m just in no rush to expose myself to that particular toxin any sooner than strictly necessary.

  3. Wow that’s it? I spent 3.30 on the cheap stuff the other day – self serve. Yuck!

  4. I know! We have a huDge SUV (to fit 3 carseats, plus groceries, plus golf clubs, plus bikes, yada yada yada) and I refuse to put more than $40 of gas in at one time. This drives Hubby crazy.

  5. It’s unfortunate, but I can’t remember the last time I payed less than $3.00.

  6. Ha!! $40 of gas at one time – that’s what it used to cost me to fill my VW Golf (Which I traded in for a van almost seven years ago!)! It costs us $80 to fill our van. Gas here today is $1.18/L or $5.36/gallon! And to think the Euorpeans think our gas is a deal!! I’ll be waiting to cross the border to fill up next week!!

  7. Oh I hear your pains…I drive a V8 Ford Explorer, need I say more. I am tying myself to the house just so we don’t need to fill up and add another expense.
    They say before the summer is over Regular unleaded will be over $4.00/gallon!!! Where are those hydrogen vechicles they are working on in California, they need to be hitting the rest of the country with recharge stations NOW!!!!!!!

  8. It’s over $3.30 here and our inflation includes 40% increase in bread, produce and most other grocery store items. Sometimes it sucks to live in the NW corner of the country.

  9. We’ve been paying upwards of $3.18 for months now. Our milk is incredibly expensive now, too…we have to buy three kinds (don’t ask) every week and it costs me more than three lunches out in Saratoga used to when I worked there. Ouch!

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