Posted by: Kate | February 24, 2008

A Brief Escape

I seriously, seriously hate losing a post.

It’s not a very common experience for me. WordPress does a nice job with the autosaves, and I generally have a pretty good internet connection anyway. And even when the rewritten post comes out pretty well – a prime example would be the Seven post, from last year – I just know it’s not the first, unedited, chain-of-consciousness draft that I wanted it to be. It’s more thought out, less spontaneous. I always worry that I’ll lose that fantastic turn of phrase I had the first time around. Annoying.

I did, just now. I got too tricky with the cut-and-paste, and instead of saving the post I saved a URL. Ah, well.

The post was about my monthly lunch out with Carolyn, which has been a standing tradition for long enough that I can’t remember when it started. We met in grad school, and bonded over enforced group projects and then shared due dates – we each found out we were pregnant within days of each other. Our girls are six weeks apart, because Emily burst onto the scene five weeks early and D had to be ripped, kicking and screaming, from the womb a week late. (Now that I think of it, this perfectly represents their personalities: Emily takes on the world with an intensity that is as exhausting as it is impressive, while D tends to waver between boredom and overstimulation and thus tends to hang back.)

So we’ve been close for a long time, and have made the effort to sustain the friendship, in real life, despite changes in geography and circumstance. We can’t meet every month, but it’s close enough. Jenny started joining us about two years ago, and that has been lovely, too. But today, Jenny couldn’t make it, so it was just us, and there was a beauty and a nostalgia to that.

Had you followed us around, through lunch – always at Bertucci’s, because… well, I don’t know why it started, but now it’s tradition – and then through an aimless meander through the mall afterward, stopping in non-child-friendly stores just because we could, because our lunch dates are specifically no-child, no-husband affairs, you would have thought you were witnessing some odd reality show for the We network. Talk of husbands, kids, jobs (both in the mental health field, natch), prescription drugs, politics, in-laws, fertility… just girl stuff. Some bits more intense than others, but always ending with the relief of, “Oh, you feel that way, too? You’ve done that, too? I’m so glad I’m not the only one.”

It’s a good thing. That once-a-month escape has gotten me through the times when I really needed to escape, and provides something not-quite-explainable for me now that I don’t need to escape anymore.

(Yes, I know. The original post was better. What can you do?)

(Oh, for the love of Crap. Turns out, I lost another, even longer and more intense post. Gone. No idea. Just gone. I didn’t even notice, for hours. Ugh.)


  1. The wording may not be as perfect to you, but the feeling and the point shine through.

  2. I know it’s so irritating when you’ve finally gotten everything typed out to your satisfaction and then it’s just gone. It makes me want to toss my computer.
    It’s ok, though. You still wrote a great post.

    Btw, you’ve inspired me to learn how to knit and crochet. Well, I had the idea for a little while, but now I’m determined to learn how. 🙂

  3. […] — Kate @ 2:29 pm Tags: Alanis Morissette, angst, college, music, relationships After my estrogen-intensive lunch yesterday, I was feeling all empowered and optimistic and just me, in a way that I have a hard time […]

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