Posted by: Kate | February 23, 2008

It Must Be the Fumes

Willem is attacking our bathtub, because despite dropping $ on a remodel back in October, the shower walls are pulling away and the caulk, two applications by Useless Contractor Shane and two by Useless But Unpaid Contractor Self, just will not stick.

I can’t fight this feeling anymore…

So it’s Willem’s turn, which first means removing the old caulk and liberally applying Liquid Nails to the shower liner, with various tools and chemicals. And his faithful iPod by his side. What more appropriate musical accompaniment to home repairs than REO Speedwagon?

I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for…

There were some Scorpions in there, too, and now it’s Glen Frey. I’m frankly grateful, because the man has an affinity for death metal, too. I’ll take ’80s rock any day.

It’s time to bring this ship in to the shore… forever…


  1. I was reading this quickly and my first thought was that you had scorpions behind the shower! Better on the ipod!

  2. Ug, sorry that the tiles are still giving you guys grief.

  3. so, was his mission successful? or will there be another round of 80’s hair bands tomorrow?

  4. We won’t know for a few weeks. It looks fine so far, no shower usage until Monday morning to be on the safe side, but it’ll take a little while before we know whether it’s going to peel away from the wall side outward like it did last time.

    Fun stuff.

    I hate this house.

  5. I can’t stand shonky tradesmen. If you’re going to do a job, do it properly. I had a pump put into my washing machine and now it doesn’t spin properly so . . .get the guy back to fix his shonky work or get someone new and hope it gets fixed properly. Nup. I’ll just spin everything twice and save the money! fwooaar!

  6. We had remodeling contractors who were also friends of ours, so we got a good rate and good service. Still, after a month having them in my house, I was ready for it to be over!

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