Posted by: Kate | February 22, 2008

My Right Arm Has Typhoid

I’m reasonably certain that immunization is preferable to catching typhoid fever.  Then again, I don’t really know what typhoid actually is.  I’m guessing it’s not good, because Typhoid Mary is all famous and you never hear about Hangnail Hannah.  And having it just in my arm is unpleasant enough, so I suspect that a whole-body assault would be somewhat less fun than a kick in the teeth.

I went yesterday and got three immunizations, an adult booster for MMR, Hepatitis A, and typhoid.  The first two went in my left arm, which was a little achy last night but feels fine now.  Not fine enough for a jolly, sportsmanlike punch in the arm, but close enough for government work.  (Does anyone else use that phrase?)  The typhoid went all by itself in the right arm, and despite Tylenol and ibuprofen I whimper every time I try to do, well, just about anything.  Disrobing is a particular challenge, but Willem, being a good guy, is on hand for that.

I’m feeling a vague, all-over blah tonight.  Nothing I can quite put my finger on, just a bit shaky like my blood sugar’s off, a bit headachy though I didn’t notice that until I was in the office on the phone for work, and in the dark and quiet I suddenly realized, “Oh, hey, yuck.”  Which all is right in line with what I was told to expect as a side effect from the shots, so no big deal, just places a damper on my verbal creativity.

Which is too bad, really, because I got a free sandwich at Starbucks last night, and I’m designing a seriously lovely merlot-colored lace wrap which was originally going to be for Carolyn but we’re meeting for lunch in two days and ain’t no way that will happen, so she’s getting a smaller cabled scarf instead, and there’s that knitting project I want to get off the ground, and my son has orange toenails and snazzy boxers.  There’s stuff to talk about, just as soon as my give-a-shit crawls up to the sufficient level.


  1. I have never heard of Hangnail Hannah, but I have heard of Jock-Itch Jimmy.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Sorry about the shot pains. I hate that. Take some Tylenol and get a good night’s sleep. 🙂

  3. I hope all of your body parts recover from the shots soon!

  4. When I got my MMR booster waaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was 21, I did get a fever and felt crummy for a weekend. I hope you feel better rapidly. So you’re scared of needles? Muahahahah says the future nurse. ;P

  5. Ewwww…vaccinations. I had to go through a round of them when I went to work at the public hospital in Fort Worth for my first practicum years ago. Then the nurse in our department would stick me with anything that came around. Gah.

    I totally use that phrase…pissed my mom off the first time she heard it. Of course, she was working for the postal service way back then too, ;o)

  6. I use “close enough for government work.” I also use “almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” (most people don’t use that second part…they stick with the horseshoes.)

    I reworked “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” and now I say “there are multiple methods to de-fur a feline.”

  7. Awww…I felt the same way after my Typhoid shot. It totally sucked the unmentionables.

  8. We were literally just talking about Typhoid Mary tonight at the dinner table (yes, I know, we are nonstop class over here). Before I read your posts and the associated links, I couldn’t tell Thing 2 the details. Now I will.

    Maybe over breakfast tomorrow.

    Get better soon.

  9. “but close enough for government work. (Does anyone else use that phrase?) ”

    My mom says that all the time!! She worked in state government for years. I find that that phrase is quite apt, actually. 😀

    I’m sorry you are feeling icky. I hate getting shots like that!

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