Posted by: Kate | February 19, 2008

Holy Ridiculously Spoiled, Batman

March 14-19 – Florida with Willem and kids
March 20-24 – Jamaica with Mom and sisters
March 29 – Harlem Globetrotters with Willem and kids
April 6 – Def Leppard/REO Speedwagon/Styx concert with Willem
April 12-13 – Mom’s house for Mary’s birthday, and to visit with an old friend back in town from Oregon
April 19-20 – Emily’s birthday party weekend, not sure yet if we’ll travel or have something here
May 17 – Sarah’s graduation in upstate NY
May 17-19 – Get-together in Halifax with the kids – Willem will drop us off at the airport in NY that day
May 23-25 – New York City with Willem for a Broadway show
June – EMPTY right now… bet that’ll change.
July 5-19 – Emily to summer camp
July 26-27 – Jacob’s birthday party weekend
July 26-August 21 – Mary to visit (I hope!)
August 1-15 – Willem on his Man Vacation with Mike, something sportslike and testosterone-filled
August 21-25 – Martha’s Vineyard with Gretchen, and possibly Mom and Mary
October 18-19 – Rhinebeck with Gretchen and kids

I totally agree, it’s insane and expensive and seems a bit over-the-top. I’m trying to remind myself that if I do get pregnant soon, that’ll essentially squelch any major travel plans for 2009. And if I don’t get pregnant, well, at least I’ll have some seriously amazing experiences to look forward to.

It’s the first time that I’ve written it all out like that. I’m a bit awed and lightheaded at the moment. How freaking lucky am I?

Since I’m already here, in Edit Mode, I may as well just say that it’s twelve hours later and I’m still a touch giddy. I knew we had scheduled in a lot of travel this year, some planned over a long period of time and others spontaneously promoted from, “Wouldn’t it be neat” to “Hey, let’s do it.” But it’s one thing to come up with ideas one at a time, and entirely another to see it all listed out like that.

There’s a whole philosophy around it, a sense of living within one’s means but using those means to squeeze a little extra adventure and variety out of life now, while I’m young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it and share it with loved ones. When I die, I’d rather leave behind some amazing memories and a tattered passport than a fat and lonely bank account and a list of what-ifs.



  1. I hope you enjoy every single second & minute of it all. WOW you can have some serious adventures and wonderful memories. BIG HUGS of FUN.

  2. you forgot Rhinebeck!!

  3. THat just sounds wonderful!

    Have a blast!

  4. Yay…I would be stoked to have all of that going on. A tad bit jealouos of the Def Leppard/REO/Stix. Hope you have a rockin’ good time with all of your many plans.

  5. I was going to say – HOLY BUSINESS is right, Batman – but then I stopped and thought if I wrote out everything we had planned – it might be just as much. I’m not getting to go anywhere as exciting as Jamaica or Florida, but still going to have my hands full!

  6. The things we don’t do are more often regretted then those things we do. Have a great time. (And chances are you won’t be short of blog fodder!)

  7. Looks perfect to me. That is , if you guys know how to decompress in between. And I’m sure you do.

  8. Hey where’s your trip to Seattle? LOL. I’m going to live my life vicariously through you. Hope ya don’t mind. ;D

  9. All that! Wow and I’m free till Christmas! I’m gonna write me a list! I too will be living vicariously but hopefully skipping over to Europe in November so it’s all cash into the account for now! Sacrifices have to be made!

  10. Sounds like a great year! Can’t wait to read all about it!

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